The Suicide Squad stars Joel Kinnaman and Margot Robbie discuss why only filmmaker James Gunn could have made the DC Extended Universe movie.

Suicide squad Stars Joel Kinnaman and Margot Robbie explained why only writer / director James Gunn could have made the DC Extended Universe movie.

Robbie and Kinnaman will reprise their roles as Task Force X Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, respectively, in Gunn’s. Suicide squad. The two actors appeared in the original. Suicide squad in 2016. “I was very excited to read [Gunn’s] script, “Robbie said in an interview with Toronto sun. “I knew it was going to be cool because I love his movies and I know he loves comics, so I thought there was no way it wasn’t cool. But it was still incredibly surprising.”

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Robbie went on to say that “you still can’t get used to the address [Gunn’s] A weird sense of humor will come in sometimes, “adding that if someone else had written the script, she would have said no to the movie.” Because I would have said, no one can do this, “he said.” This is so strange and specific and great … no one could do it except James Gunn. “

Kinnaman, who joined Robbie during this interview, added that Gunn was able to succeed with Suicide squad because of how familiar you are with the source material. “He knows the genre very well,” Kinnaman said. “He knows how far it can take things and how irreverent it can be. But after watching the movie, what struck me was how he creates these little moments; those pockets of sincerity and poetic beauty that I thought were so surprising. . to create them without making you feel pretentious, unjustified or undeserved. “

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Robbie and Kinnaman aren’t the only stars in Suicide squad to praise Gunn’s work on the film. Amanda Waller actress Viola Davis recently gave her own thoughts on the matter, calling Gunn “a fierce leader” and saying that he had “created an experience that made [the cast and crew] everyone feels cared for and worthy !!! “

Written and directed by James Gunn, Suicide squad hits theaters and at HBO Max on August 6.

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Source: Toronto sun

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