Wolverine just set foot in the only part of the Marvel Universe that is even more illegal than Madripoor, and Logan is a perfect fit.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Wolverine # 14, available now from Marvel.

Madripoor has always been a country full of criminals. It’s the kind of place someone like Wolverine can thrive on his bravery and ferocity. But even he has to admit that, for the most part, Madripoor puts on a certain facade to lure people in, only to be blind robbed or killed outright.

But in Glutton # 14, by Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, VC’s Cory Petit, Logan’s mission to hunt down some lost Shi’ar logic diamonds led him to Madripoor’s most illegal outpost, Truant’s Cove. And what he had to say about this cesspool of crime and villainy shed light on Madripoor’s relative merits.

Wolverine was sent to Madripoor to find out what happened to a massive shipment of missing logic diamonds after the events of the Hellfire Gala. Instead, he found the ship that was supposed to be carrying them on fire, with corpses filling the cargo hold instead of logical diamonds. His search for survivors led him to an Arakki pirate named Sevyr Blackmore, who had docked his ship at a Madripoor outpost known as Truant’s Cove.

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Leaving the northern part of Madripoor, Wolverine explained that, for the most part, Madripoor tried to maintain the appearance of being civilized. A person reckless enough to take a vacation there could rent a hotel, even if that stay could end with the theft of their belongings and credit card information. While this mask was ultimately attractive to some degree, it still gave the nation some basic respectability.

Truant’s Cove is nothing of the sort. It is not a performance for outsiders; it is simply a bloodbath. At Truant’s Cove, the anarchy of nearby Madrippor is embraced as pleasure and brutality take center stage without shame.

This openly lawless cove stands in stark contrast to Madripoor, which moved away from that kind of rampant chaos to become the country it is today. As much as Madripoor is a crime haunt, it depends on them having a constant influx of potential victims or clients who hire the services they offer. To attract either one, Madripoor had to be more than a pirate den, it would have to have its own glitz and glamor to attract flies to its web.

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Truant Cove

Truant’s Cove, on the other hand, was the exact image that Madripoor would want to avoid. That kind of Mad max-is that anarchy doesn’t inspire the potential for more profit, it just creates an incredibly unstable and insecure environment. However, if this is true, Truant’s Cove may be a clearer look at what Madripoor was like before it began operating internationally.

If Madrippor was really meant to be just a land of lawlessness, then Truant’s Cove comes across as an independent attempt to maintain that freedom. Unfortunately for them, uncontrolled chaos is not a sustainable system. While it might be a convenient hideout for villains of all stripes, Truant’s Cove’s anarchy means it can never be as influential as Madripoor, which thrives on organized chaos. While Logan only spends a short time here, it will almost certainly not be his last visit, especially as his more soulish side struggles to be tamed in an increasingly orderly world.

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