The popular perception of Grey’s Anatomy is that it is a series that revolves around the romantic relationships of the Gray-Sloan Memorial doctors. That is definitely true, but it would be wrong to claim that family relationships took a backseat in importance, as some siblings who are quite close have been established.

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Meredith, Derek, George, and Owen are the original characters whose family backgrounds have been explored, and some siblings will become part of the main cast. From Meredith’s interactions with Maggie and Lexie to Derek with his sisters, there are many moments where Grey’s Anatomy It has represented the kind of loving relationship between siblings that everyone wants.

9 Owen and Megan’s Reunion (S14 Ep1)

Owen Hunt crying on Grey's Anatomy

Upon reuniting with his sister, Owen was crying as he realized that his brother was alive all the time. When she saw Owen, Megan claimed she had no idea who he was, before laughing and revealing that she was just kidding him.

Despite being apart for so long, the fact that the pair wanted to laugh at such a youthful joke at a time that didn’t require it showed just how close they were, with Owen crying again as he realized that his sister he was alive and well.

8 Meredith, Maggie and Amelia dance (S13 Ep19)

Maggie Meredith and Amelia dance on Grey's Anatomy

In one of his best moments of friendship in Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia and Maggie sought comfort from each other because they were having a difficult day. After seeing how upset they were, Meredith forced the other two to dance sadness with her. This was Meredith’s way of caring for both her sister and sister-in-law, as the latter two felt their spirits lift as they swayed alongside Meredith to the song “Trudy.”

More importantly, Meredith had just turned down Nathan Riggs’ proposal to go on a date because she knew Maggie was not in a good mood. The sisters were more than happy to be in each other’s company right now, as they regained their smiles along with Amelia purely through this dance.

7 Derek delivering the children to Amelia after their impromptu arrival (S10 Ep21)

Amelia Shepherd with her nephew on Grey's Anatomy

Amelia came to Derek and Meredith’s house after not being in contact for two months, and revealed to Derek that she was engaged and wanted to see what family life is like, given that Derek was now the father of two children. Despite being initially bitter with her for not sharing the news of their engagement earlier, Derek quickly introduced his children to their aunt.

As the siblings progress, she took this as an opportunity to go to work on an important matter, which gave Amelia a chance to bond with her children. Leaving her children in her care showed the level of trust she had in her, and her earlier jokes highlighted how quickly the two of them felt comfortable.

6 George’s brother lets it break to relieve the pressure of his father’s surgery (S3 Ep12)

George Brother Grey's Anatomy

Little moments can bring a little smile back to people’s faces, and George’s brother Jerry alleviated an intense moment through a youthful act. When the family was waiting while the doctors checked on George’s father, Jerry saw this as an opportunity to fart.

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This was in stark contrast to the nervousness George and his family felt moments before, as they laughed at Jerry’s claims that he was just nervous. For George, who always felt out of place with his siblings, this was a rare moment that showed he had a kind of openness with his siblings that could make him laugh.

5 Maggie telling Meredith that she really loves her children (S12 Ep20)

Maggie cries while talking to Meredith.

There are many hidden details Grey’s Anatomy has revealed about Maggie, with her attachment to children demonstrated through her interactions with Meredith’s children. After spending time with them alone for the first time, Maggie began to cry when she met Meredith that same night.

She stated that she was afraid of being responsible for the children she loved so much, prompting Meredith to give her a hug in appreciation for how much Maggie cared about her. It showed that Maggie would do anything to make her sister’s children happy and for Meredith to understand her fears in return.

4 Megan telling Owen that he needs to work on himself (S15 Ep20)

Megan Hunt talks to Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy

The great thing about Megan and Owen’s relationship is that they can call each other when they’re not entirely genuine. Megan saw that Owen was playing with Amelia and Teddy, while unaware that he had some unsolved problems and needed help.

At this, he cornered Owen on a ladder and pleaded with his brother to seek help from a therapist to deal with his problems. Like her sister, this came from a place of love, with Megan wanting to support her brother and help him find happiness.

3 George’s family surprises him for Thanksgiving (S2 Ep9)

George Grey's Anatomy Brothers

George was the shy character on the show, who was also the stranger to his brothers. However, they valued him as one of their own, as the brothers and their father showed up at the house to take George on the annual Thanksgiving turkey hunt.

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Although George was embarrassed, it was a sweet moment where his brothers messed with him to include George in their tradition. Later his father revealed to him that his brothers really tried to make George feel like one of them even though they knew he felt out of place as they just wanted to be a family together.

2 Derek telling Amelia about his strength of character (S7 Ep3)

While some of the fans have unpopular opinions about Derek’s time in Grey’s Anatomy, most appreciate that he took on the role of older brother with Amelia. After she got hurt because Derek didn’t tell her he had been shot, he revealed how he had felt protecting her as children when their father was shot and killed in front of them.

Derek claimed that he didn’t want Amelia to feel worried about him, as he wanted to see her as she was when she was a child and that he could still protect her. While Amelia made him realize that he had grown up, it was also a good time between the siblings where Derek showed his older brother instinct and she thanked him.

1 Meredith and Lexie meet on the beach (S17 Ep10)

Grey's Anatomy Lexie Gray Chyler Leigh

There were many of Meredith’s dream scenes that fans loved in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, but one of the favorites was the reunion with Lexie. Imagining her sister alive once again, Meredith celebrated her return by revealing to Lexie everything that had happened since she was gone, with the two even playing on the swings as children.

It was a tender moment that portrayed how Meredith inwardly wished she had spent her childhood with Lexie, as well as regarding her sister as her safe place. The image of Lexie smiling in Meredith’s company and listening to her stories was how Meredith remembered her, and even spending an imaginary moment with Lexie was enough to make Meredith happy.

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