Julia might have lost her fan-favorite status, but viewers don’t think she’s out of place for wanting a child with her husband at 27.

Julia and Brandon could have finally left the farm in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? but 90 day fiancé The couple is not done with their drama. The duo were applauded for finally leaving Brandon’s parents’ family farm after Betty and Ron made life very difficult for Julia under their roof. However, the Russian dancer now has to deal with Brandon and his critical friends.

To celebrate their independence, Julia and Brandon threw a small housewarming party on Sunday night. Happy forever episode. The intimate meeting brought Julia face to face with Brandon’s friend Melanie once again. Melanie had previously enraged Julia after questioning Julia’s intentions with Brandon. Once again, Brandon’s friend infuriated Julia when Melanie told Julia that she should wait to have a baby after Julia said she wanted to have one soon. Brandon then made the situation even more awkward by joking that he would have to check condoms around Julia, implying that she would try to sneakily get pregnant without his consent. Julia then left her own party and apartment in anger.

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One ventilator took to Reddit to defend Julia’s wishes. “Since when is being in your twenties and wanting to have a baby with your husband a crime?“asked the fan.”The reaction from Brandon’s friends to his 27-year-old WIFE saying he wants to have a baby was so awkward. They reacted as if they had just been notified of someone’s death or something!“added the user. While many commenters thought that Julia was at an acceptable age to have a child, others questioned whether she was in the correct stage of her life.”She is 27 years old, definitely old enough. But he can barely afford to move out so I don’t know how he can support a child as well.“commented one fan. Others agreed that Brandon and Julia’s financial difficulties were a major impediment to their having a child right away.

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Others agreed that although Julia and Brandon were married and in their early 20s, they were clearly late. Brandon, in particular, was noted for being developmentally behind when it comes to independence. “I think it was more due to the fact that they just moved out of their parents’ house and are paying rent for the first time … in their early 20s. Small steps to being an adult, pun intended“wrote one commenter. However, some pointed out that it was still rude for Melanie to question Julia at her housewarming party and comment on her choices and wishes for life.”I would never comment or give unsolicited advice to my friends about family planning, much less my friends’ new wife. This has to be written because that is the behavior of crazy people“observed another commenter.

Although Julia has lost some of the popularity of her franchise, many viewers have defended the Russian dancer when it comes to her interactions with Melanie. Although viewers believe Happy forever It is written to some extent, many find that Melanie behaves inappropriately with Julia. Viewers have expressed that they would also be angry if someone questioned their intentions with their spouse or spoke about personal matters. However, the drama of Julia and Brandon’s relationship does not leave many 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? entertained spectators.

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