CBS Studios Lead Producer Alex Kurtzman has closed a new nine-figure blanket agreement that extends its time with ViacomCBS through 2026. Kurtzman has been in the studio since Hawaii Five-0 rebooted in 2010, but his Secret Hideout production company has been a studio tent since 2016. Under the Secret Hideout banner, he has put the newly revived Star trek franchise with CBS and Paramount +, including five Star trek-brand projects.

When Secret Hideout launched in 2016, Kurtzman signed a four-year blanket deal with CBS, which became a five-year deal just two years after the first. During that time, Kurtzman focused on Star trek franchise, turning the singular series airing at the time into five live-action series and one animated series for Paramount +.

In the deal, CBS will have exclusive rights to develop and produce Secret Hideout content on all platforms. While Paramount + has a number of series that draw audiences to the streamer, their most competitive content is Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Y Star Trek: Lower Decks, with the highly anticipated Star Trek: Strange New Worlds headed to the platform the next year. In addition to his Star trek series, Kurtzman produced Showtime’s Comey’s rule and the next adaptation of the novel by Walter Tevis The man who fell to earth, both under ViacomCBS.


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Kurtzman is best known in the industry for his ability to balance show execution, production and writing of recognizable IPs and original stories, but he hasn’t done it alone. Secret Hideout is set to expand its staff to meet the demands of the growing list of programs in development. Kurtzman’s right hand, Heather kadin will remain as President of Television at Secret Hideout, along with Senior Vice President Aaron Baiers, Y Robyn Johnson as Director of Development.

Regarding the agreement and the relationship, Kurtzman said: “CBS Studios has been my home for over a decade because the incomparable David Stapf always finds a way to demonstrate his decency and creative passion, not just for the work we do, but for the many people who do it. At David Nevins, I found a rare breed executive with an author’s flair and the guts to take a chance, who encouraged us to create premium streaming and cable that push boundaries. And over the past year, I have had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing the consistent leadership George Cheeks has brought to CBS. He has guided Secret Hideout, and me personally, with care and strategic brilliance, as the rules of our business grow and change daily. As Secret Hideout expands its presence on ViacomCBS, I can’t imagine better partners and I’m very excited to tell more stories together in the years to come. ”

This agreement indicates that ViacomCBS intends to maintain the Star trek franchise at the center of your entertainment portfolio. An official press release states that “under the new pact, Kurtzman will remain at the forefront of the growing Star trek franchise for the next six years. ”

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