Deck Mediterranean fans are calling out the second stew, Lexi Wilson, for her extremely inappropriate behavior in the yacht’s hot tub.

Below the mediterranean deck Fans are dragging along the second stew, Lexi Wilson, for her extremely poor demeanor during the team’s night out. Lexi has been controversial, thanks to her bad attitude, but this episode took the cake. The next morning was no better as she swore she couldn’t remember the hurtful comments she made the night before.

Season 6 has been relatively quiet until the most recent episode, where it showed a giant gap between the crew, thanks to the Caribbean beauty queen. The confrontational stew has rubbed everyone the wrong way, including fans who now want to see her fired. He hasn’t told the entire crew about his father’s passing, but blames his outbursts on the loss. The whole team has tried to support her, but she is making it extremely difficult for him. Viewers have seen Lexi shake the pot when it comes to ship arguments, and in the episode “Ship Happens,” she only proved that it could actually be “Satan.”

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Lack of responsibility is driving the crew and Below the mediterranean deck crazy fans, as Lexi continues to impact the behavior of the crew. Lloyd Spencer was visibly shocked and uncomfortable by the names they gave him. Fans have been angered by the clear double standards, as Lexi remains an important part of the show after her tirade. She was featured in a clip for next week’s episode by Bravo, to the surprise of the spectators.

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Bravo fans immediately agreed that he needed therapy and should have been fired immediately after his outburst. One fan wrote: “Insubordination should never be tolerated, she’s out! Go to your $ 8000 condo, girl!” Beneath the Mediterranean deck Viewers find it extremely difficult to see Lexi, especially after she spoke to Mzi in such a derogatory way. Bravo fans weren’t impressed with the way Lexi has attacked various cast members, but she has yet to kick herself.

The last episode showed Lexi moving forward with no regrets for what she had done. While the rest of the crew have gotten over the incident, they have yet to forgive, which has left Lexi on an island of her own. This would be a perfect time for Captain Sandy to step in and pass on some words of wisdom, but he’s still letting his workers figure it out on their own. Beneath the Mediterranean deck Viewers have learned that Lexi has left the boating industry, which is a small consolation.

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