Breath Of The Wild’s blood moon has a really cool buff

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Blood Moon can be a dangerous time for gamers, but it also has a benefit that many fans may miss.

A terrifying mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Blood Moon, which appears during full moon nights for the duration of the game. At first glance, Blood Moon appears to be a great danger to players by reviving all previously defeated monsters. Blood Moon resurgence applies to Guardians and enemies within BOTW’s Lots of shrines, ensuring players will never experience a shortage of powerful enemies to face or monster parts to collect. Aside from the dangers of Blood Moon, there is also a hidden benefit for brave players who don’t flee to the nearest inn when the sky turns red.

Cooking is vital to Breath of the wild gameplay, providing a multitude of benefits to Link after consuming meals. Ingredients appear throughout the game’s huge open world, with dozens of different recipes offering different effects. Cooking during a Blood Moon, however, ensures that Link is doubly rewarded for the player’s efforts. Starting at 11:30 (23:30 with the game clock), players will be able to receive additional benefits to the meals they cook. Saving ingredients for the most dangerous time of the month can reward players with foods that will turn the tide of any battle.

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One of the effects players can get on their dishes when cooking under the Blood Moon is an additional 5:00 duration to the effects granted by any food they prepare. Certain recipes will grant resistances to many different damage types, preventing powerful enemies from dealing elemental damage. This can be particularly useful when activating Sheikah Towers and exploring dangerous new areas, such as Death Mountain, which will continually damage Link if he is not equipped with the proper armor set. Being able to take full advantage of the resources available in the game and take advantage of an additional 5:00 of perks can only help players navigate Breath of the wild dangerous world and missions.

Breath Of The Wild’s blood moon will make dishes more powerful and valuable

Perhaps the most common uses of Breath of the wild Meals are the restoration of hearts, which can come in handy when facing powerful enemies like Lynels or even Calamity Ganon. Crafting a meal to restore health under a Blood Moon can award up to three additional hearts for players to retrieve. Since there is no limit to where players can eat, meals cooked under the Blood Moon can ensure victory during the most dangerous fights. One of the most effective heart-restoring recipes is known as Glazed Meat Flour, which is made with hearty truffle, raw meat, and Courser honey. Glazed Meat Meal restores ten hearts, but you can restore additional health with more fish or meat.

Preparation of recipes in Breath of the wild It can be improved in many ways, such as adding more ingredients or a higher quality of ingredients. The effectiveness of the different recipes is determined by their level, which rates the overall benefits granted to players over consumption. Under the Blood Moon, recipes have the potential to gain +1 Level to the effect present on the plate. These dishes also become more valuable to traders and can be sold for more rupees. This is extremely valuable to players during BOTW’s early game where rupees are in short supply.

Weather Breath of the wild Blood Moon has many dangers for players, the benefits applied while cooking can be one of the most crucial benefits for players throughout the game’s campaign and side missions. The increased benefits of meals cooked during Blood Moon can equip players with more rupees during early game, while also increasing Link’s effectiveness during combat. Those brave enough to face their resurrected opponents to reach a pot will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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