Creative Ways to Make Animal Crossing Villagers Leave

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the Animal Crossing villagers to move to New Horizons. However, here are some creative ways to make it easier.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the villagers to move Animal Crossing: New Horizonsespecially for those who are waiting for an empty lot to move into one of their favorite villagers. Although the process is mostly random, there are a few ways to make it easier. Here are creative methods to try in case you feel like players have exhausted all other options.

First of all, it’s worth knowing what tactics won’t really work when trying to get the villagers to leave. Although Isabelle from Resident Services offers players several different options to correct the behavior of certain villagers, this has no real impact on causing them to walk away. Instead, complaining about their clothes or slogan simply resets them to their default state. Pounding Animal crossing Villagers with mosquito nets probably don’t work either, since even negative attention counts as attention in New Horizons.

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Instead, the best method is to simply ignore the villagers that the players don’t like. There are several ways to achieve this, especially thanks to New Horizonsterraforming characteristics and how easy it is to significantly change the island design as a result. Isolating an unwanted villager’s house is a good way to avoid this – while it’s not a foolproof solution, it makes it harder to run into and prevents players from accidentally starting conversations.

Animal crossing fences and terraforming can make villagers leave

Creative ways to get Animal Crossing villagers to leave terraforming fences in motion

A unique way to get rid of unwanted neighbors in New Horizons is to terraform the island so that your home is completely isolated from the other inhabitants of the city. This can be done by placing your home on a raised platform. There are even some glitches to exploit in New Horizons to make this easier and more effective. Reddit User twhelan1999 shows one way to do this, combining walls and cliffs, and even a custom designed sign, to show a Animal crossing villager how much they dislike it. While these extra steps may not necessarily speed up the process, they can at least help alleviate the frustration of trying to get particularly stubborn villagers to move in.

Another easy-to-do design tip Animal crossing What the villagers leave behind is the use of fences, which are much easier to install than a full terraforming transformation of an island. Villagers and their homes can be more easily pigeonholed this way, and players can simply tear down the fences instead of redesigning the island once an empty lot has been freed. Of course, there is also the simpler option of using the camp and amiibo cards to force a villager out, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players who are unwilling or unable to use that option can at least try some of these creative ideas.

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Source: twhelan1999 / Reddit

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