Ragna Crimson’s titular hero gives his powers to his past self to end his horrible future, while Dragon Ball’s Trunks can only travel through time.

Logs of the future might be able to time travel (and has done twice as Dragon Ball Super) but cannot transfer his own powers to his namesake from today as the titular hero of the sleeve Ragna Crimson may. And that doesn’t even mention everything Ragna can do.

In Dragon Ball Z, Future Trunks hails from a world that has been destroyed by Androids 17 and 18. He first travels back in time with an antidote to give to Goku, who eventually died of heart disease. The time traveler hoped that if Goku survived fatal heart disease today, the horrible events of his world would not happen. Ironically, Future Trunks doesn’t help much other than providing Goku with the antidote. However, it plays a much more crucial role when it returns in Dragon ball super to fight Goku Black and Future Zamasu.

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In Ragna Crimson, the titular hero is a useless fighter who spends almost every waking hour accompanying the strongest dragon slayer there is, a small, young girl named Leonica who calls herself Leo. Ragna cares deeply for Leo and wants nothing more than to be by his side, even if it means that he cannot become a more skilled hunter. And even though he trains, the only reason he does it is not to get stronger, but because he is terrified that his weakness may one day prevent him from being by Leo’s side. Also, he only trains when Leo is sleeping so as not to disturb his rise to the top.

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In the series, Leo is portrayed as an invincible hero who always wins with relative ease, but Ragna begins to have visions in which a mysterious man predicts Leo’s doom, shaking his resolve in Leo’s ostensible invincibility. Unfortunately, the possibility of her disappearance occurs shortly after, when a Superior Drago confronts the young woman and easily defeats her. Before delivering the final blow, Ragna once again confronts the mysterious strange man who reveals that he is Ragna from the future. Ragna learns that Leo is assassinated in the future and that, heartbroken, he spends years becoming the most powerful dragon slayer of all time, easily surpassing what Leo had accomplished when she was still alive. But his power and stature mean nothing to Ragna’s future self because the only person he cared about now is dead. So the future Ragna grants his past self all his powers to save Leo’s life.

In a truly phenomenal writing sample, Ragna receives more than the abilities of his future self. He gets all the memories and feelings of his namesake. So even though Leo is alive in his time, once the procedure is over, Ragna is overwhelmed by endless sadness, as if she really is dead. So even though Ragna is able to kill the Upper Dragon easily, the most poignant moment occurs when he runs up to Leo and holds her in his arms due to the overwhelming feelings he received from his future self.

On the surface Ragna CrimsonThe titular hero of the future has a more effective way of helping his past self than Dragon BallTrunks from the future. Trunks not only fights on his own rather than teaming up with his younger self, but he generally fails. Meanwhile, the present day Ragna is able to kill the creature that would have killed his beloved Leo instantly, thanks to his future self. Furthermore, the emotional impact on Ragna Crimson is much more pronounced than in Dragon Ball since the suffering of Future Trunks is very marginalized in the series. Sleeve Readers can only experience what Future Trunks went through in their own time by viewing the Trunks story movie. At least, Logs of the future interacts with your past self in Dragon Ball Super, although they are unable to connect on a deep level other than arguing about girls. Hopefully both versions of Trunks will become more intertwined with each other as the series progresses as the titular heroes are already in. Ragna Crimson.

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