WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast), which is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix Season 3 How to sell medicines online (fast) throws Moritz (Maximilian Mundt) and his team of teenage drug dealers in the fictional German town of Rinseln into the most difficult situation yet. While they reconciled after their previous fight and continued to sell pills like MyDrugs, the European drug Amazon, the Dutch company Mo screwed it up, GoodTimes, retaliated, and the dominoes were flipped to land Mo in jail. However, the ending suggests that an entrepreneurial Season 4 could be in the works.

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How to sell drugs online (fast) will have to free Moritz

Mo is in jail after taking the blame for saving his friends. His father, Jens, got involved when GoodTimes tried to murder Mo at a prom, so Mo had to turn himself in to clarify everyone. However, he made his way on a laptop in prison and, in addition to gaming, he has been talking on Skype with his friends.

Mo got a call from a voice that sounded like his best friend, Lenny, however, saying that they were going to break him. Therefore, How to sell medicines online (fast) Season 4 can dissect this daring feat. It’s hard to watch teens pull it off, but with Lisa, using her journalism, gaining access to Mo, they can free Mo in transit. They can even use Lenny’s hacking skills, Mo’s gangster connections, and his prison contacts to infiltrate and complete the mission.

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There is a new competing pharmaceutical company

Mo has a new online pharmacy that is making a lot of money. Jens is taking a cut, hinting that he was fired from the police. Therefore, How to sell medicines online (fast) Season 4 can see how Mo runs the operation, using the Albanians from seasons 1 and 2, and Maarten, who didn’t enjoy being a killer to the folks at GoodTimes.

They are quite a volatile group, so Maarten and the Albanians could collide. They may even try to squeeze Mo’s circle out of cash, and with their criminal resources, the last thing Mo will want is a civil war. The series may also have Dan, Lenny, and Kira trying to corner them, working as Mo’s go-between. On top of that, the cops who took down Mo will be on this new path to make sure another MyDrugs empire doesn’t emerge.

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Mo’s family drama to take center stage in season 4 of how to sell drugs online (fast)

Whether it’s from jail visits or if Mo is released and works with Jens, they need to address their family issues. Jens didn’t want his son to fall this way, so they have to discuss how Mo’s selfish attitude doomed his family. Mo’s mother might even come back for her sister, who is desperate to be an Instagram celebrity, so Mo will have to work to keep them together.

Money is one thing, but Jens, as corrupt as he has become, cannot do without his children. This could seriously break him and Mo will have to face his selfish mother, who was never there. If you try to get into the family “business”, that too could get you in trouble. Ultimately, the family could break down in the public eye under pressure to be labeled as possible criminals related to Mo.

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Romantic relationships will still be important

It’s not confirmed if Lisa is still with Joseph, the camp’s senior counselor, but if she’s single, she and Mo could get back together if he goes free. There is also a chance that Mo and Gerda will reconnect as he will have to find someone he can trust, which we all know is not Lisa, who gave him away. Still, they can be best friends, because even if they are not romantically linked, they love and care for each other.

How to sell medicines online (fast) Season 4 may also detail how the heartthrob, Dan, moves forward with Fritz. Dan tried to open an OnlyFans account to get money for Lenny’s cancer treatment so he could go through with it. Juggling college and lazy Fritz would add even more comedy and drama. Lenny’s treatment is working so it will be interesting to see if Kira commits to him as well. She has her own problems when she tried to hack into her parents’ bank account, so the authorities could go after her too, shattering Lenny’s hopes that they will be soul mates destined for marriage one day.

While How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 4 does not have a release date, the first three seasons of the show are now streaming on Netflix.

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