Between the new drama and adventures in External banks‘Second season, this is how the show establishes a romance between JJ and Kiara for season 3. Like teen drama series do, External banks establishes various relationships between the Pogues, even though they have a strict “no Pogue on Pogue macking“Rule. While Sarah Cameron and John B were always set up to be the Outer Banks star-crossed lover romance, the Netflix TV show has been less clear about the statuses of JJ, Kiara, and Pope.

During season 1, Kiara and John B received a subplot about the decision that they would only be friends after he kissed her. Neither of them really wanted to move on with their relationship, so External banks it quickly dispelled the two of them from being an item in the future. With only two central female characters and three male leads, once John B and Sarah became the endgame, an unofficially married couple in season 2, External banks was left with the exploration of who would Kiara choose: Pope or JJ.

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One time External banks He began to truly explore the dynamic between the Pogues that was not centered around John B. It became obvious that JJ and Kiara had a special chemistry. In JJ’s darkest moments in season one, Kiara was there for him. Audiences were quick to send the two as a couple, noting the sweet dynamic between Kiara’s tomboy nature and JJ’s reckless yet sensitive demeanor. While the first season only hinted at the duo’s pair, External banks Season 2 features several subplots that set up JJ and Kiara’s romance for Season 3.

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Kiara breaks up with Pope

Towards the end of External banks Season 1, Pope tells Kiara that he loves her, which she doesn’t know how to take until she kisses him in the season finale. While this prepared the duo for a season 2 romance, it was never entirely convincing that Kiara wanted to be with him. To External banks In the early episodes of season 2, Kiara and Pope have a confused dynamic where she wants to connect with him out of boredom and pain, but he wants more. After the two sleep together, Kiara realizes that she doesn’t feel what she’s supposed to feel and breaks up with him, much to Pope’s regret. The two decide to remain friends, but their solo interactions become much less frequent. With Kiara and Pope officially broken up without a dramatic breakup to suggest a possible relationship renewal, External banks establishes JJ as the guy she really likes.

JJ and Kie go on an emotional solo mission

On the way back to the Pogues’ after finding the tree that leads to the Santo Domingo Cross, John B’s truck, The Twinkie, gets stuck in the swamp. The only Pogue External banks the characters without uncomfortable tension to take charge of the situation are JJ and Kiara, so the two venture alone to steal Kiara’s father’s truck and JJ’s father’s winch. The 20-minute mission turns into a fiasco when JJ’s father is at his house, begging External banks teenagers to take him to a boat so he can escape to Yucatan. JJ and Kiara resist, finally giving in so JJ can shut down their tumultuous home life.

Throughout the journey, more sparks of their genuine care for each other appear. When JJ walks into the store to buy food for his father, Kiara berates Luke for not realizing how special his son is. She genuinely sees good and believes in JJ, while most of External banks‘including Luke, they only see him as a criminal who will follow in his father’s footsteps. On their way to the boat, Luke begins to tease Kiara about how her mother ran with the bad boys in high school, though JJ steps in to defend Kiara and tell her to leave him. This little journey that Kie and JJ intentionally embark on together sets the stage for an emotional connection that may finally come to fruition in External banks‘ third season.

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Kiara almost sacrificed her own life to save JJ

Madison Bailey as Kiara and Rudy Pankow as JJ in Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 6

Similar to the solo journey that Kiara and JJ go on to rescue The Twinkie, they are also remarkably paired in External banks‘Season 2 finale when the rest of the Pogues abandon the shipping container to rescue Sarah and the Cross from Santo Domingo. Kiara even mentions that the two are still together, sighing “it’s just you and me, ”As they overheat in the container. After teaming up over the future, they pair up again, tasked with locking the entire ship’s crew in the hull. The duo meet the ship’s captain, who attempts to kill the teenagers, eventually throwing an unconscious JJ overboard.

With no life jacket, safety precautions, or a nearby boat to drop, Kiara jumps out of the boat to keep JJ afloat. JJ has been one of her best friends her entire life, but this kind of connection and the risk of her own life means more. If Kiara hadn’t jumped in to save him, knowing that she might die too, JJ probably wouldn’t have made it. When the Pogues come with the boat to find them, it is Kiara who holds JJ and tends to his injuries as they drive to the nearby island.

JJ and Kiara’s future solo surf trip plan

Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Rudy Pankow as JJ, Carlacia Grant as Cleo Outer Banks Season 2

One of the most tender and real moments between External banks‘Pogues in season 2 occurs when JJ and Kiara are trapped in the shipping container together. JJ starts talking about what he wants to do with his future if they get all the money back, which he describes as a humble life where he can surf all day, fish, and cook on the grill. Kiara never cared about money, so he’s genuine when he replies that JJ’s dream sounds perfect. She asks if there is room on their trip for one more, leading to some passport jokes, and they both realize that they would be happy with a trip together.

When the Pogues arrive on the unknown island at the end of External banks Season 2, it appears that all six teenagers, including Cleo, are pairing up. John B and Sarah reconciled and agreed to unofficially marry again, Pope begins teaching Cleo the handshake and welcomes the Pogues, and JJ helps Kiara up as they all head to body surfing. Kiara had mentioned earlier in the season that Pogue’s life would be easier without the parents, and JJ’s dream was to surf all day and fish, so now that the six of them are stranded on a deserted beach, they both find themselves in their home. ideal state. With the Pogues finally taking a break and navigating through life with just six of them, External banks they can more intimately explore their romantic dynamics, especially the one between JJ and Kiara.

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