Following the shocking twists, turns, and resurrections in Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2, let’s take a look at what season 3 might entail.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 from Outer Banks, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix Season 2 Exterior Banks It ends on a seismic note, with John B (Chase Stokes) and the Pogues stranded on a Caribbean island. They lost the Cross of Santo Domingo to Ward and the Camerons, accumulating misery as Sarah’s sinister family also has the Royal Merchant’s gold.

With the teens planning revenge and a couple of potential allies to come, let’s take a look at what season 3 might entail.

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Life on the new island

The Pogues will have to acclimate to their new environment of “Poguelandia”. Pope and Cleo seem to have chemistry, so there could be a love triangle if Kiara still has feelings for him. John and Sarah are together again, but they will have to talk about their young “marriage” and Topper still loves her. However, even though everyone thinks the island is deserted, there might be people hiding there who don’t like intruders.

It can result in JJ making rash decisions once again, creating tension as they figure out how to be a family without the comfort of Kildare Island and its resources. However, your main objective will be to plan a revenge and try to get off the island. Pope wants to get all the treasure back, as it belongs to his ancestor, the freed slave, Denmark Tanny, and they will target Ward in Guadeloupe.

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Enter Big John and Carla Limbrey

Season 2 dropped the bombshell that Big John is alive in Barbados, so fans will want to know how he got off the island where Ward inadvertently sent him to die, how he survived his injuries, and why he didn’t contact John. He has asked Carla to help his son form an uneasy alliance when he gets his mystical shroud. There will be a lot of drama as John will want answers from his father about abandonment, while the Pogues will have a hard time trusting Carla.

She tried to hurt them to get the cross, and even killed her brother, Renfield, so Big John will have to watch her back. Interestingly, Big John has secret allies in what appears to be a Tanny cult, so they might have an army to help the children seek revenge. Ultimately, Big John wants the gold back, while Carla wants the mystical healing shroud for her illness, but there is a chance that both adults will clash with Pope, as these items are his birthright.

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The Camerons’ defense plan

Season 3 is set to spend a lot of time in Guadalupe when Ward faked his death in Kildare, leaving North Carolina after confessing to killing Sheriff Peterkin. You can see them getting stronger and using local agents to create a haven like the one they have in the Bahamas. Ward’s nursing injuries, so it will be intriguing to see how Rafe copes with his own mental illness, drug abuse, and anger.

He wants to be a better leader, but there will be tension with him and his stepmother, Rose. He will also have to deal with Wheezie, the younger sister, as she is always willing to be a spy for Sarah. However, we can’t see the show keeping Ward out of the front line for too long, so fans are eager to find out how Rafe deals with him, still missing Sarah and if the son is really up for it. bring your sister into the fold for Ward.

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Healing Kildare’s Past

There is a lot to work out at home, as Kildare made a lot of mistakes. It took authorities a long time to free John B and hunt down Ward, and now they are confronting the media with the Pogues’ disappearance. Shoupe’s force will be held accountable for assaulting the teens over the two seasons and repeatedly messing up their safety, prompting them to go after Ward themselves.

More importantly, the Pogues’ parents have to repair their ties to home. Pope’s father is heartbroken when he encouraged Pope to find his family’s treasure, so they must meet and discuss Tanny’s legacy, especially when elites are monitoring his find. Kiara’s parents will also have to fix their relationship, as they pushed her away on her wayward ways, wanting to send her to boarding school and the Blue Ridge rehab program. Finally, JJ’s criminal father escaped to Yucatán after a brief reconciliation, so he could ask his father for help for the next battle.

Outer Banks Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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