It looks like Naruto is heading to Fortnite

Epic Games reportedly secures the rights to beloved anime character Naruto Uzumaki and is expected to add the character to the next battle pass.

The beloved anime character Naruto is said to be coming to Fortnite Sooner than expected.

According to respectable Provided The leaker @ShiinaBR on Twitter, a trusted source on Reddit, confirmed that Epic Games successfully obtained the rights to Naruto and will add the character’s skin in the game’s next season. “According to a new public post from the r / FortniteLeaks moderators, the source that provided them with information about Naruto has now 100% confirmed that Epic was able to obtain the rights to Naruto,” says ShiinaBR.

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ShiinaBR goes on to say that Naruto will be included in the next battle pass, which will presumably be released alongside the next season of Fortnite. While Epic Games has yet to provide a solid release date for the upcoming season, the Battle Pass for the current season ends on September 12, indicating that Season 8 will likely follow shortly thereafter.

While ShiinaBR states that they “cannot fully confirm personally” whether Naruto’s leak is accurate, the source behind this latest news has a track record of accuracy in terms of Fortnite rumors. The source has correctly leaked the game’s upcoming Ariana Grande concert, recently released. Suicide squad skins and the return of The Cube in Chapter 7. The source also largely predicted the Primal season, including several specific skins and gameplay mechanics.

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Recent reports also indicate that Epic Game is looking to include various anime skins beyond Naruto Uzumaki. The developer / publisher of Fortnite He is reportedly in talks with Shueisha, the publisher that owns partial rights to several popular anime, including Dragon Ball, One piece, My hero academia Y Murderer of demons.

Despite the reliability of the sources, it is still worth considering the inclusion of Naruto in Fortnite with a grain of salt. Given that plans to add the character were first uncovered during Epic Game’s ongoing legal dispute with Apple, it is possible that the inclusion of Naruto has been in the works longer than expected. It remains to be seen when those plans will pay off.

If you are looking to practice something before Naruto supposedly arrives, you may find Fortnite on almost all modern platforms available today. The game is free for all players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android and iOS devices.

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