James Gunn and MCU fans claim anyone could play Iron Man

Guardians of the Galaxy & The Suicide Squad director James Gunn echoes fan criticism of The Sunday Times’ claim that anyone could play Iron Man.

Director James Gunn backs up fan criticism of The Sunday Times’ claim that anyone could have played Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The filmmaker is currently busy promoting his Warner Bros. and DC Films project, Suicide squad, but before joining the DCEU, he was already in the MCU as the main creative force behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. With that comes access to Marvel Studios’ internal library, which he’s now using to smash this ridiculous hot shot that has put people on a frenzy.

Starting the MCU was no easy task. Marvel Studios had to put all of its characters as collateral just to produce Iron Man. So it was a huge shock when Kevin Feige and his team decided to take a chance by casting Jon Favreau, who was best known as a freelance director at the time. The filmmaker raised the stakes when he lobbied for Downey’s casting. While the actor is clearly immensely talented, he was still plagued with personal problems, particularly substance abuse that even landed him in jail. But Favreau was so convinced that he would get him out of the park, and he did, over and over again, for more than 10 years, until he finished his arc in Avengers Endgame.

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Amid the sheer number of actors playing comic book heroes, Downey is one of the few who have become synonymous with his role. So fans were obviously upset when The Sunday Times He recently stated that “Iron Man could be played by almost anyone with wit” on social media. Many of them pointed out that Downey’s film portrayal made the genius and billionaire Avenger a household name. Another noted that even Stan Lee thought the actor was born to play Tony Stark. Gunn He also shared his two cents, writing that he has seen the screen tests and “This is a whore.”

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A couple of Downey screen tests for Iron Man They’ve done it online over the years, but there are likely several more in the Marvel Studios vault. It’s no secret that other actors were also considered for the role; Tom Cruise, Sam Rockwell, and Timothy Olyphant were on the run to play the MCU’s inaugural hero at one point. Given this, it’s funny if Gunn is referring solely to Downey’s audition, or if he’s seen the rest as well. In any case, there wasn’t much interest in pondering what the franchise would have been like if those stars had landed the role simply because Downey was too perfect for it. And it would be difficult to find someone who disagrees. So it’s mind-blowing why The Sunday Times I’d get away with this comment, unless your sole purpose is to cause controversy to gain traction.

Downey’s work on the MCU speaks for itself. More than being the right fit Iron Man, shone the brightest when he played Tony Stark. The Sunday Times It implies that wit was the most important trait for the hero, but it is worth remembering that the character is not defined by his humor or sarcasm. He’s arrogant and yet nice, exactly how Lee wanted him to be. Downey brought humanity and him, which is why so many became involved in his story and why people were significantly affected by his death in Endgame. Aside from the tremendous work he did on screen, Downey also served as the leader of his co-stars. The actor was instrumental in convincing Chris Evans to finally agree to play Captain America and, years later, he was Tom Holland’s unofficial mentor when he joined as the new Spider-Man.

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