Created by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, Schmigadoon! is a six-episode series that seeks single the right words, especially in a song, to express what makes love last. The heartwarming Apple TV + series centers on an arguing couple that stumbles upon a city that literally orchestrates itself like a musical. While inspired, in part, by 1954 Brigadoon musical movie, Schmigadoon! She uses her 1940s-era town to help controlling Melissa Gimble (Cecily Strong) and her cynical boyfriend Josh Skinner (Keegan-Michael Key) communicate honestly.

In fact, the duo cannot escape until they are true to their hearts. Soon, the residents of the city reflect the worst and best parts of Melissa and Josh as the couple drift in and out of relationships and chaos. However, not everyone is happy with Melissa and Skinner coming to town, particularly the cunning Mildred Layton (Kristin Chenoweth), who believes that these “modern” people threaten to destroy everything good about this corset-wearing town. In an interview with CBR, Chenoweth reveled in how much fun it was to play the villain of the city and discussed how she delivered triumphantly. Schmigadoon!The most challenging musical number.

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CBR: You represent the wonderful role of Mildred on the show. She is a prude, basically the unofficial ruler of this mythical city. One thing I have to talk about, because it’s just amazing, is episode five, the “Trials & Tribulation” issue. Is it four minutes of non-stop movement, in one go? You are coming and going!

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Kristin Chenoweth: Thanks! I didn’t know … I honestly didn’t know until [director Barry] Sonnenfeld called me. We have history with so many other programs. Raising mallow, everything, and when he said, “I want this to be in a [shot]. “Or I said,” No, no, no, no. “And he said,” But that’s what you do. “And I said,” Yes, but I have rehearsal. Because we are at the height of the pandemic, the prevalence ”. And he was scared. I was scared, nervous.

So, quarantined for two continuous weeks, and I got Alan Cumming to live next to me in our hotel, I got on the elliptical and did “Tribulation.” I saw everything in Bravo. Saw 90 day fiancé and now I know everything you want to know Below deck. And I did tribulation. And that’s all I did! That’s.

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It’s amazing! What an energetic performance … How about working on that experience that you see yourself bringing to future roles?

Oh my God. I know it sounds a little strange. I get really close to the people I work with, even when we are masked. The Chorus, the people who worked with me [in “Tribulation”], I wish I could suppress them all. Seriously, every face. They were nervous. I was nervous. We all knew that if one of them fails, we go back and start over. And don’t worry about me, like I’m probably going to screw it up. With the first take, we did it perfectly. We just did another one just for fun!

Each person was invested. Honestly, they inspired me a lot. If I could take every face and carry them with me in everything I do, I would. That is also what makes musical theater special. We have a family community on Broadway that we are preparing to reopen and that I think we need.

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To be honest, I think that’s why people who relate to Schmigadoon!Even those who aren’t fans of musical theater, which is why Kagan’s character is so wonderful. It makes us happy during this time. Being caught up in a musical is my version of heaven. But it’s not everyone’s version of heaven. So I’m glad people laugh a little.

I said to Sonnenfeld, “Please, I need to have that hairstyle. I need to have Joker’s lips, all manic. I need those lips!” And he says, “I don’t know, we’ll see in the camera test.” I said, “Wait.” And he was like, “Yes!” – to the wig and the tight corset, everything … You know, it’s all the little things. Like the child who says, “That’s Mrs. Layton.” That for me is a love letter for The music man. There is a love letter for all the shows we love. [here]. He was making fun of them in the best way. If it was in a bad way, I wouldn’t get involved. [We’re] paying homage to it all – Oklahoma, The music man, Brigadoon, obviously. When I saw the name in the script for the first time, I thought: “Schmigadoon!, mmm. This is dangerous. Aren’t you making fun of [director Vincente] Minnelli that I love! And I fell in love with her. I fell in love with all the references, even the ones that people don’t even know happen.

I love the fact that I played Marian Paroo before in The music man on ABC for many years with Matthew Broderick. In fact, no one disputed that Winthrop could be her son. That’s a bit like the whole show. The little darts. I call them darts. Happy darts. it was in. I’ve played the villain many times, but people don’t realize why he’s dressed like this. [gestures to dress] but to get to go there and do what I call “the crossover.” I was terrified when I looked in the mirror. Terrified. But, at the same time, in the best possible way.

Schmigadoon! It is now airing on Apple TV +, with new episodes debuting on Fridays.

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