Genevieve Shawcross is updating Love Island USA fans on whether or not she is still friends with Shannon St Claire’s sister, Kylie McIlwain.

Upon removal of Love Island United States Season 3, Genevieve Shawcross is updating fans on whether or not she’s still friends with Shannon St Claire’s sister, Kylie McIlwain. On the show, Genevieve was featured during Casa Amor alongside Leslie Golden, Isabel Johnson, Kay Taylor, and Florence Mueller. Genevieve described herself as a 22-year-old college student from West Chester, Pennsylvania, but what really caught the attention of fans was her surprising connection to Shannon.

Fans were shocked to learn that Genevieve stepped into Love Island United States She was already friends with Shannon’s sister, and things got even more dramatic when Genny said she’d like to chase Shannon’s partner in the villa, Josh Goldstein. However, when Casa Amor came to an end, Genevieve was joined by Jeremy Hershberg. Unfortunately, the OG islanders singled out her for being “too lewd” which seemed to turn Jeremy off as well. And during the last round of elimination, Genny was sent home by her co-stars.

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Now that it has been removed from Island of love, Genevieve Shawcross is updating fans on her current friendship status with Shannon St Claire’s sister. As seen in the screenshots below, Genny was asked by a fan on Instagram if his drama with Shannon on the show had affected his friendship with Kylie McIlwain in the real world. “We only talk on FaceTime about all that” Genevieve wrote: “And it’s something that she and I will have to discuss and resolve in person.” Then a fan directly asked if they were still friends and Genny replied: “I don’t think Kylie really acknowledged that Shannon and I reconnected, so our friendship is something we’ll have to figure out in person when I get home. But I will always love her. [obviously]. “ It seems like Genny’s first interaction with Kylie wasn’t perfect, but she’s hopeful they’ll fix it all soon.

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Later, Genevieve addressed this situation one more time, this time saying even more positive things about Kylie. “For me, she will always be one of my best friends.” Genny started, “We have a very special relationship, but like I said, it’s something we have to figure out in person.” Now that she is gone Love Island United States, Genevieve can contact Kylie anytime and schedule an in-person meeting once they are in the same city. Fans need to be on the lookout for what will happen next.

Nonetheless, the show must go on, and there are still many episodes to go on. Love Island United States Season 3. Shannon and Josh have consistently been in a good spot on the show and at this point they probably have a guaranteed spot in the grand finale.

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Love Island United States Season 3 airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9 pm ET / PT on CBS.

Sources: Genevieve Shawcross on Instagram

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