A new TV commercial for the upcoming Marvel film, Eternals, reveals that the film will not have a dual theatrical / broadcast release.

Amid controversy over his current movie releases like Black widow, Cruella Y Jungle cruise In theaters at the same time as they are released as Premier Access titles on Disney +, Disney is revealing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternals will only open in theaters when it comes out in November.

The news was revealed somewhat discreetly, as there was a new television commercial for the upcoming film during the Summer Olympics on NBC. It was just a re-broadcast of the previously shared teaser trailer for the film, only now the commercial ends with “Only in theaters on November 5.”

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Naturally, the issue of theatrical-only movies versus a shared theatrical / steam release is highly controversial at the moment, as Black widow Star Scarlett Johansson recently sued Disney over the release of Black Widow as a Premier Access title on Disney + for $ 30, in addition to being released in theaters.

Johansson argues that his contract was designed so that most of his income came from the final part of the film, that is, its box office success, which is why it only guaranteed a theatrical release. The film has not been a box office success and Johansson claims he lost nearly $ 50 million in likely bonuses due to Disney’s release pattern, using the logic that Disney knew releasing it now would hurt the film’s box office, but would help. promote your streaming service and thus raise your share price.

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Earlier, Disney CEO Bob Chapek turned the film industry on its head when he noted that he would not commit to future Disney films being only theatrical releases, noting, “In terms of going beyond this fiscal year, we have not announced exactly what our strategy is going to be in terms of which titles will be theatrical plus Disney Premier Access, which will go direct to Disney + or which will go to theaters, but know that we will continue to see the evolution of the recovery of the theater market and we will use that flexibility to make the right decision at the right time. “

Movie theaters are likely breathing a sign of relief to learn that Eternal, such as the September release Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, will be just theaters.

Directed by Chloé Zhao from a script by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, Eternal stars Gemma Chan as Sersi, Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Lia McHugh as Sprite, Don Lee as Gilgamesh, Angelina Jolie as Thena, Barry. Keoghan as Druig and Kit Harington as Dane Whitman / Black Knight. The film hits theaters in November. 5.

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