In My Hero Academia chapter 321, an ambiguous line of dialogue from the controversial character Minoru Mineta suggests that he has romantic feelings for Deku.

Warning: contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 321!

Deku’s efforts to escape from his classmates continue My Hero Academia Chapter 321, as a Class 1-A attempt to persuade the young hero to accept his help in defeating All For One, but one character in particular: Minoru Mineta – has fans talking while their comments seem to express a romantic interest in their friend and ally Izuku Midoriya.

Mineta has been a controversial character since the beginning of the series; As a comic relief character, he is rarely involved in serious sequences, and much of his “comic” value comes from sexually harassing female students in his class. While the perverted character archetype remains relatively common in manga, fans have become increasingly disapproving of treating such behavior as humorous in and of itself, especially when their activities provide a convenient reason for the creators to include sexualized scenes that otherwise they would be very out of place. site. Since Mineta has had a thankfully small role in the series, the character, rather than My hero academia – has been the worst part of the criticism from readers.

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In recent chapters of the manga, Deku (Izuku Midoriya) has been operating alone, even moving away from All Might’s support. In response, the students in Class 1-A decide that they have had enough and want their friend back, so they set out to convince him, by force, if necessary. Every character in the class has been offered a chance to attract Deku, leading to some heartwarming moments, even if they haven’t been successful so far. But Mineta’s appeal in particular has caught the attention of fans because it seems to indicate that Midoriya has a crush on Deku, reading:

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I never thought it was your power that made you amazing! I fell in love with you when you were scared and sweating and shivering in your boots! When we find a way forward together, just like you were back then!

The use of “I fall in love with you” It certainly sounds like a romantic statement in English, but translating between Japanese and English can be tricky. In Japanese, the original text of the Mineta page reads: “Oira fell in love with you, cold and sweaty! Shivering! We led the way together, you at that moment.” The important part is right at the beginning, 惚 れ た, or “Horita,” meaning “He fell in love with.” Due to My hero academiaThe target audience is younger, the series employs furigana- Smaller text that explains the particular reading of a kanji, eliminating a great deal of potential ambiguity. Even so, although the original Japanese clearly indicates that the word in question is in fact “love,” it’s not necessarily guaranteed to mean romantic love in this context, although it certainly could. The usage could be similar to say “that person won my heart with his performance”, which is more ambiguous about the romantic intention than in the official translation.

Given many fans’ dislike for Minoru Mineta, a more romantic read brings up thorny issues of representation, especially in the context of Mineta’s previous harassment of women. While many would welcome more LGBTQIA + representation in My hero academia, Mineta’s perverted archetype and the disdain many fans already have him in severely complicate the potential benefits. Fans will undoubtedly be on the lookout for anything you can clarify. MinetaDeclaration of Blanket What My hero academia continues, but what follows will likely depend on creator Kohei Horikoshi’s original intention, and it is quite possible that the manga will never resolve the matter one way or another.

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