It is almost impossible to find a fan of Sailor moon that does not idolize its main character: Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon herself. This makes perfect sense, after all, since the hero (or heroine, in this case) of most anime often ends up being one of the most popular characters within their series. They often perform the greatest and most moving feats of any cast member, and Usagi especially is written as a hero who can inspire not only girls, but fans in adulthood as well.

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However, this does not mean that it is without flaws. One of the best parts of Usagi is how realistic it is written, which means that she is still a developing young woman who has trouble accepting having the weight of the entire world on her shoulders out of nowhere.

10 Best: See the good in people, even when others can’t, and make friends easily

Usagi and Makoto from Sailor Moon having lunch on a bench

Usagi has no problem seeing the best in others and making them like them. She is a genuinely kind person who is not afraid to speak her mind, which means she freely compliments others, and in turn, others have no problem opening up to her.

When most of the other Sailor Guardians first meet Usagi, they have some kind of cruel rumor or bad reputation hanging around her. However, Usagi never judges them for this and approaches them with an open mind.

9 The worst: she is hypersensitive, especially at first, and does things about herself too often.

usagi crying from sailor moon

Usagi can be overly emotional, especially when the series begins. This is something that she even acknowledges about herself at the beginning of each episode of the 90s anime, stating that she is sensitive, can be a crybaby, and is a bit clumsy.

This self-proclaimed sensitivity doesn’t stop her from being unfair to those around her when she’s overwhelmed by her emotions. She’ll cry over the simplest things, even when she’s Luna just trying to make sure she takes her guardian duties seriously, which often ends with her running away as well.

8 The best: no matter what difficulties or threats you face, you always stay positive

usagi smiling from sailor moon

Being an anime protagonist is difficult, especially for Usagi, who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. And although Usagi from the beginning daydreams of being a princess without responsibilities, in reality she is not the type to get discouraged and try to escape from what is expected of her.

She flourishes into a capable leader who understands the burden she has to bear and accepts it wholeheartedly. No matter how much tragedy she sees in the world, she doesn’t allow it to affect her and she does her best to stay positive.

7 The worst: at first, he preferred to read manga or play video games than to take his homework seriously

usagi playing sailor moon video games

Although Usagi becomes a capable leader at the end of the series, she certainly isn’t at the beginning. Luna tries in vain to get her to take her guardian duties more seriously, and Usagi constantly fires her to do other things, like daydreaming about boys, shopping, or playing video games.

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He is even late for important Guardian meetings on more than one occasion because he allows himself to be distracted by other things. He doesn’t really seem to regret his lack of proper priorities, either.

6 The best: he even tries to see the good in his enemies and find ways to stop them without killing them.

usagi with her sailor moon crystal weapon

Usagi constantly faces all kinds of cowardly villains throughout the series. Many of their actions are unforgivable, including kidnapping and endangering innocent civilians by using them as part of their evil plans.

Despite all of this, Usagi remains peaceful and is more focused on restoring things to normal and helping the villains rather than killing them outright. Many of his attacks are based on purifying or healing the damage the villains have done, rather than destroying them completely.

5 The worst: he has a jealous side that gets especially mean when it comes to Mamoru

annoying usagi and mamoru from sailor moon

Although Usagi is a kind and friendly person who tries to see the best in people, she is still prone to bouts of jealousy. This is especially true when it comes to Mamoru once the two are an official couple.

Usagi gets jealous when it appears that Mamoru had been flirting with someone else, which is not the case, when Usagi herself was in an incredibly similar situation. Not only this, but she becomes jealous of Chibiusa for receiving a lot of attention from Mamoru when it was not purely romantic, as he was simply worried about a lost young woman who had no one to take care of her.

4 Best of all: she never gives up on learning new skills, like cooking

usagi and friends cooking from sailor moon

Despite being the main heroine of the series, Usagi is not an overly powerful character who is good at everything she tries. In fact, she’s proven to be an absolutely horrible cook when she first tries it, to the point where the other girls are visibly horrified.

However, she doesn’t let being bad at something stop her from doing it, nor does it let it crush her self-confidence. Even if something he does goes wrong in the end, he still keeps a smile on his face, which is incredibly difficult to do.

3 The worst: you can get angry easily, even when it is not justified

Just because Usagi is good-natured and friendly doesn’t mean that she’s also lacking in her childish tendencies. One of these trends is manifested in how easy it is to press its buttons.

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This is especially true with Rei, who has been seen fighting quite often, but also with her close friend Naru. As the two of them practiced for auditions on stage, they kept stumbling and singing, and instead of realizing that they both had things they could improve on, Usagi blames everything on her friend and the two have a big fight.

2 The best: even before becoming Sailor Moon, she has a natural urge to help others in need

usagi and luna sailor moon

Usagi just can’t ignore someone who’s in trouble as long as she has the power to help him. She is terrified during many of her early fights, but still always shows up to help, because she doesn’t have the ability to run away when innocent people are in trouble.

This also extends to animals, and this caring side of her exists before she becomes Sailor Guardian. After all, she prevents Luna from being bullied by a group of local kids and removes the bandages, indicating how cute she is rather than being missed by the mark on her forehead.

1 The worst: at first, he is content to lean on others and often cannot fight on his own

usagi crying from sailor moon crystal

Usagi has an incredibly bad habit from the beginning of not being able to fight on her own. He’ll show up to take on the villains, but it won’t be long before he’s a screeching, withered mess who prefers to flee rather than deal with the realities of his powers.

This is only compounded by the fact that Tuxedo Mask always seems to step in at the perfect time to save her. At times, it seems that he is content to wait for your words of encouragement to do something, rather than trying to take matters into his own hands.

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