Billy Batson’s powers are running wild, and he grows more and more fearful with each transformation into Shazam, just like Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Shazam! # 1

In DC’s brand new Shazam! miniseries, Billy Batson is becoming DC’s version of the Incredible Hulk in the worst way. While Billy attends Teen Titans Academy as a student, Shazam’s powers have gone completely insane, leading to his growing fears and worries each time he manages to become his heroic adult form. Likewise, this matches Bruce Banner’s fears of turning to the Hulk in the MCU. Thor: Ragnarok.

Shazam! # 1 It comes from writer Tim Sheridan and artist Clayton Henry, and sees Billy Batson struggling to control his powers. During the Titans’ battle with the villain Chemo, Shazam suddenly lost the Hercules Force and Altas Stamina just as he lifted Chemo into the air. While the other Titans were able to take over the situation and no one was hurt, Billy is naturally distraught over his uncontrolled powers. Not only that, but sometimes he can’t transform at all when he says his magic word and he can’t share its power either.

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Naturally, Billy isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do about his power problem, and he also keeps seeing the explosion of the Rock of Eternity, the source of Billy’s power as Shazam. Also, Billy talks to Nightwing and confesses his fears that the next time he transforms into Shazam, he may not be able to become Billy again. This is also quite similar to Bruce Banner’s fears of becoming the Hulk again in Thor: Ragnarok, telling Thor his concern that his next transformation might be permanent. Further, Avengers: infinity war saw the Hulk refusing to come out when Banner really needed him, which is similar to Batson’s troubles here in this new miniseries.

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Fortunately, Billy found out why he has been having trouble with his powers when he hears from Titans Academy professors confirming that the Rock of Eternity has been somehow displaced and transferred to Hell (thus explaining Billy’s visions). Apparently this is why Billy’s power has been all over the place, and he seems pretty determined to find a solution by going to hell on his own. However, she receives much-needed help from the mysterious new student Dane (Raven’s star student), who teleports them both straight to Hell to find out what’s going on.

Regardless, Shazam’s disruption of powers has definitely given him a lot in common with the MCU’s Bruce Banner, who had many of the same struggles and fears. However, perhaps by restoring the Rock of Eternity and bringing it out of Hell, Billy can once again find a balance and a compromise between himself and Shazam, just like Banner eventually came across him Helmet in Avengers Endgame. Regardless, here’s the hope that Billy and Dane can make it out of the underworld unscathed, especially before the masters find out where they’ve gone.

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