Spider-Man’s sinister war could lead to the death of Doctor Strange

Although Spider-Man’s Sinister War has only just begun, Doctor Strange’s participation in the event may lead to the mystical Avenger’s next disappearance.

The “Sinister War” event pits many of Spider-Man’s most prominent foes against each other in a massive conflict that could put their entire lives at risk. At the center of it all is Kindred, a seemingly demonic force that has been moving behind the scenes with infernal power at hand, manipulating villains into conflict with one another. Throughout Doctor Strange’s investigation into why the forces of Hell are targeting Spider-Man, it has been repeatedly hinted that Kindred has a connection to Mephisto, and that the deal between him and Spider-Man will eventually return to bite him. Peter Parker and his beloved. some.

If that’s the case, then there’s a chance that Spider-Man’s actions could have major causation down the road. Is it possible that the role of Kindred and Mephisto in “The Sinister War” is a prelude to Mephisto’s involvement in the upcoming death of Doctor Strange?

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The next five issues Death of doctor strange The Jed MacKay and Lee Garbett miniseries will explore the ramifications of what happens when the Supreme Sorceror is killed. Although the full circumstances of his fate remain a mystery for now, it is unlikely that anyone could have brought down one of Marvel’s most powerful mystical forces. The cover of Death of Doctor Strange Number 1 features tentacles surrounding a skull, suggesting that perhaps it could be connected to Shuma-Gorath, one of Marvel’s biggest threats. Meanwhile, the cover of Death of Doctor Strange Number 2 appears to show Baron Mordo dominating the hero’s corpse, hinting at his involvement.

But perhaps the biggest possible suspect is one of Marvel’s most nefarious magical foes: the diabolical Mephisto. The devil of the Marvel Universe has been playing serious power plays lately, helping to create the world of Heroes reborn and the enactment of an ancient and terrible conspiracy against all living beings in Avengers. He has also been hinted to exert a powerful influence on Spider-Man, probably linked to the deal the couple made on “One More Day” to save May Parker’s life. Doctor Strange has been investigating the matter, even confronting Mephisto smiling directly on the subject.

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Doctor Strange asks Mephisto about Peter Parker's soul.

Meanwhile, Kindred has finally begun to execute his plans and establish the massive Sinister War between all of Peter’s enemies. Doctor Strange has been further investigating this connection on Peter’s behalf, and it is possible that this investigation will lead him down an even more dangerous path than he thinks. Mephisto’s interest in Peter may have always been to lure a larger target like Doctor Strange within his grasp, which would be completely in line with previous plans enacted by Marvel’s resident demon.

While there is still no concrete link between the two events, the fact that Mephisto has become such an important figure in the events that happen to Spider-Man, his friends, and his enemies, and that Doctor Strange has involved in chaos. Peter Parker has brought himself in, it could result in a bit of Parker’s luck rubbing off on Doctor Strange and ultimately taking him down. If so, then Spider-Man could end with another death on his conscience, and Mephisto could be on his way to a great victory over the heroes.

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