Venom: Let There Be Carnage is just around the corner, and its latest trailer promises an action-packed movie with a terrifying villain.

With the movie coming out in a few months, another trailer for Poison: Let there be slaughter It has been released, and appropriately focuses even more on the titular villain, showing what he comes to be and his first big rampage. Other characters also stand out, most obviously Venom and Eddie Brock, who are an even stranger couple than in the first movie.

Various answers to burning questions are provided in Poison 2It’s the latest trailer, but it looks like the movie will have a much scarier villain than the first. So with only a few months to go before launch, here’s a look at the key moments of the new trailer and how they might unfold.

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The birth of the slaughter


As mentioned, Carnage takes center stage in the trailer, with Woody Harrelson’s insane portrayal of the character with a bit of introspection. He claims not to be insane and claims that his wish is to simply enact, well, a slaughter, and is soon shown doing that to the guards at the Ravencroft Institute when his newly empowered form does quick work with them.

Its origin is also hinted at, biting Eddie Brock when Brock comes to interview him and stating that his blood doesn’t know anything like it should. This is more than likely how the Carnage symbiote ties in with Kasady, which is a massive change from the pair’s usual origin in the comics.

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Venom and Eddie’s fight continues

As always, Eddie and his alien symbiote are not the best of friends, and their storylines will reach a fever pitch in the movie, as demonstrated in the trailer. Much of this is due to Venom’s violent nature, as he wishes to go out and represent his own murderous form of lethal protection over the evildoers of the night. Unfortunately for him, Eddie rejects these urges and instead simply wants to get his life back on track.

This causes Venom to fight Eddie, giving him a head butt before doing it again so that he eventually becomes more proactive. The two go in different directions as well – manifested in other parts of the trailer, both when it comes to Anne Weying’s fiancĂ© and the first confrontation with the namesake Carnage.

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Michelle Williams Returns as Anne Weying

Anne Weying, played by Michelle Williams, remains a vital part of the sequel’s story. She recently got engaged to her boyfriend Dan Lewis from the previous movie, which is obviously not something Eddie or Venom are particularly happy about. A photo of her is also shown in the trailer, although the point at which it is shown suggests that it could be Eddie pining for her or even Carnage using his knowledge of her as bait against Eddie.

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Does Venom fear the carnage?

Poison: Let there be slaughter

Towards the end of the trailer, Venom / Eddie is shown approaching Carnage for the first time. However, the generally verbose and headstrong Venom retires immediately after seeing Carnage, and for a color-coded reason. Venom is alarmed that Carnage is “red”, suggesting that symbiotes with such a color scheme are even more powerful and violent than the others.

It is only after Eddie promises Venom that he will have free rein on all those he wishes to eat that the symbiote even returns to fight, but this definitely establishes that Carnage could be a cut even above Venom himself. This turns the antihero into an underdog, or better yet, a loser, raising the stakes and guaranteeing a dramatic battle when the fight between symbiotes finally peaks at Carnage.

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It’s worth noting that not many new images of Shriek are shown. However, when the same footage of Shriek from the first trailer is shown, a line is heard from Eddie about him and Venom locked in Area 51. From this, it can be determined that the mutants / mutants / metahumans are stopped by the government. for investigation, especially if your abilities are deemed dangerous.

To see how these moments in the trailer unfold, Poison: Let there be slaughter hits theaters on September 24.

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