M. Night Shyamalan is known for making twisted endings in almost all of his films, sometimes to good effect, but often to bad effect.

M. Night Shyamalan He is known for using twisted endings in almost all of his films, and they have always been incredibly divisive; this is why. It feels a little strange to remember now, but at one point early on, many felt that Shyamalan was destined to be the next Alfred Hitchcock, the heir apparent to Hitch’s throne when it comes to suspense thrillers. This was mainly due to The sixth Sense, which swept the world in 1999 and remains one of the most remembered films of that decade.

Looking back, The sixth Sense it’s still fully maintained, with excellent acting, striking visual flair, expertly crafted scares, and lead characters that are easy to empathize with and empathize with. The sixth SenseThe now famous twist, in which Bruce Willis’s Dr. Malcolm Crowe is revealed to have been dead since the film’s opening scenes and only appeared to Haley Joel Osment’s Cole as a ghost, also holds up, no holes notable in the plot that surrounds it. . It is a remarkable craft that has aged almost without problems.

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Upon release, The sixth SenseThe bravery twist became his most talked about look, but unfortunately, few have stayed that way since. Shyamalan may feel the pressure to measure up to his first punch, but he hasn’t really done it yet, and some of his twists have been totally regrettable. The problem is that plot twists that take a difficult turn are difficult to achieve without upsetting the balance of the film. When they go too far, they can become implausible at best or downright foolish at worst. This has led to the divisive reputation its use now has among fans, and the concerns many had prior to the release of its new film. Old. When Shyamalan makes a good turn, as in The sixth Sense or with Mr. Glass at Unbreakable, adds a lot to your movies. However, when you get it wrong, the entire movie can be undermined.

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The general example to follow when it comes to how much one M. Night Shyamalan twist can ruin a good movie is The village, which was promoted as a monster movie about the creatures that haunt a remote community. Until the end of the twist, many enjoyed The village, as the cast was full of talented actors, and Shyamalan’s visual style was in effect as usual. Then the twist happens, and all the previous history is essentially scrapped. Nothing the audience thought he knew was really true, the monsters weren’t even real, and on top of that, Shyamalan gave himself a cheeky cameo during the spin that gave the impression that he thought he was extremely smart.

Arguably the problems started with Signs. While many people generally enjoyed it, it began to show a downward trend in the quality of Shyamalan’s twisted endings. After presenting a great mix of alien invasion and tense horror to the public, Shyamalan reveals that Signs‘aliens, who until then had appeared to be an existential threat to humanity, were fatally weak against water; water, of course, is the substance that covers a good three-quarters of the Earth, which begs the question why aliens were risking invading a death trap. Not only M. Night ShyamalanSometimes silly twists hurt your best efforts, they serve to make your minor jobs even less enjoyable, as with The event. While it remains to be seen what the consensus view of OldThe twist will be, maybe Shyamalan should consider giving them a break for a while.

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