Supernatural anime features a variety of mythical creatures, but not many people know about the ones that focus solely on fairies. Delicate and playful, fairies have long been part of the folklore of all cultures.

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They are a staple in the fantasy genre and their behaviors can range from innocent to mischievous. Here are ten of the best anime focused on these adorable creatures.

10 A young woman struggles to keep the peace in humanity has declined

The top image features a Humanity Has Declined banner;  the bottom image shows fairies

In a post-apocalyptic world where most of humanity has died, fairies now roam the earth. A human survivor, an anonymous young woman, lives among the fairies and acts as their mediator.

His goal is to communicate with the remnants of humanity and fairies in hopes of achieving peace between the two groups. But it’s hard to do their job because of fairies’ penchant for mischief and constant demands for candy.

9 The Count and the Fairy is a romantic tale between an ordinary girl and a mysterious count

The image on the left presents the fairy Nico;  The image on the right features a promotional image for Earl and Fairy

Lydia Carlton is a “fairy doctor” who uses her knowledge of folklore and medicine to help mythical creatures. She lives a quiet life in her Scottish country house, and her ability to see fairies is considered strange, isolating her from ordinary people.

But Lydia’s life changes when a handsome young man named Edgar visits her home. He claims that he is an earl looking for someone who knows about fairy lore. After a series of events, Lydia accepts this new job, despite not knowing much about her mysterious employer.

8 WorldEnd shows the teamwork between two supernatural warriors

Images feature Chtholly and Willem from WorldEnd

More than 500 years have passed since the extinction of humanity at the hands of the unknown but fearsome “Beasts”. Scattered survivors hide on floating islands to avoid detection.

A young warrior, Willem Kmetsch, awakens from a long slumber. Little by little he realizes his current situation and quickly finds refuge on one of the floating islands. He does odd jobs in the city to survive, one of them being the caretaker of a weapons warehouse. To his surprise, these weapons belong to “goblins”, children like fairies tasked with sacrificing themselves to fight the Beasts when necessary.

7 Ancient wizard’s girlfriend shows Chise finally finds a place to call home

The upper left image features fairies and the lower right image features Chise;  The image on the right shows the promotional image for The Ancient Magus' Bride.

Since her parents abandoned her, Chise Hatori struggled to find her place in the world. Her ability to see otherworldly entities ostracizes her, earning her the nickname “Sleigh Beggy.” It is soon up for auction in a slave market, as Sleigh Beggies are rare in the human kingdom. However, Chise doesn’t care; She just wants a place to call home

Chise catches the eye of Elias Ainsworth, a wizard with a beastly-humanoid appearance. He buys Chise and brings her home to a world beyond the human realm. This world is full of mythical creatures and very few humans. There, Elias reveals that he did not buy Chise to be his slave, but to be his wife.

6 Midnight Occult Civil Servants is about a team of supernatural detectives and their mysterious new member

The image on the left presents the promotional image of the hidden midnight civil servants;  The image on the right shows the characters talking to a fairy.

The members of the Nighttime Community Relations Division are trained to solve cases related to mythical beings. After being assigned to the Shinjuku location, new member Arata Miyako goes on his first mission with his new team.

He is surprised to find that he can understand the speech of these creatures, a rare feat among normal humans. Additionally, a Tengu recognizes Arata as a descendant of Abe no Seimei, a famous exorcist from the Heian era of Japan. Arata doesn’t think much of it at first, but soon discovers that his connection to the supernatural runs deeper than he thinks.

5 Shugo Chara! Features fairies who guide humans to become the best version of themselves

The images show Amu with her fairies Ran, Su, and Miki.

Amu Hinamori is admired for her calm but intimidating demeanor and knack for fashion, but she is actually very shy. She wants to be more confident to speak her mind and be the best version of herself.

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One night, Amu wishes to be reborn as her “potential” self and finds three colored eggs in her bed the next morning. The eggs hatch, hatching three tiny, fairy-like guardian characters: Ran, Miki, and Su. Everyone has a mentor, who acts as a guide to the person’s possible self, but can also temporarily change their personality and abilities. The shy and calm Amu now has three guardian fairies eager to get her into a lot of tricky situations.

4 Bottle Fairy is a healthy tale about fairies on a journey to the human world

The picture shows the four fairies from Bottle Fairy

Fascinated by humans, four fairies make the journey from their homeland to the human world in Bottle fairy. They are eager to learn about human traditions and customs, but none of them even know where to start.

Upon their arrival in the human world, the four fairies meet a college student whom they call “Sensei” and a young woman named Tama. The two humans are more than happy to show the fairies this new world. Overall, it’s a wholesome and realistic story with just a hint of magic.

3 La Corda D’Oro: Primo Passo shows the friendship between a girl and a music-loving fairy

The images show the characters of La Corda d'Oro: Primo Passo and Lili sleeping on Kahoko's violin

The prestigious Seiso Academy divides its students into two groups, the General Studies division and the Music Studies division. Its uniform color differentiates the two groups: gray for general studies and white for musical studies. Kahoko Hino, a general studies student, rushes to her first class when she meets Lili, a young fairy looking for a unique human who can see her.

Although Kahoko dismisses the encounter as a strange coincidence, Lili decides to follow her. The school announces the next music competition, and Kahoko’s name appears in the lineup among the chosen students, surprising her classmates. Lili finds Kahoko again and presents her with a magical violin, encouraging her to play in the competition. Although Kahoko is not musically talented, she is too afraid to turn down the offer to perform.

2 A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is about three fairies in search of becoming the best

Pictures show Saga and the fairies from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Deep in a mysterious and mystical forest, living creatures called Season Fairies. They have control over the weather; Whether creating a gust of wind or growing flowers, they are just the fairies for the job.

Apprentice fairies Sugar, Salt, and Pepper want to earn their titles as full-fledged seasonal fairies. They must find the “Twinkles” to pass the test, but none of them know where to start. The three fairies meet Saga, a young woman who can see fairies, and they ask her for help. Saga is reluctant, she wants to keep her life peaceful and fairy-free, but after a while, she reluctantly agrees.

1 Fairies trick the protagonist of Amagi Brilliant Park into taking over an amusement park

Pictures show Seiya and workers at Amagi Brilliant Park

Seiya Kanie takes self-confidence to a dangerous level; His narcissism knows no bounds, and his inflated ego only grows day by day. His beautiful but distant classmate Isuzu Sento asks to meet him at a theme park known as Amagi Brilliant Park. Thinking that an appointment had been made, Seiya heads to the unknown amusement park, only to find that it is decrepit and that most of the employees are fairies known as Maple Landers.

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Isuzu reveals that asking Seiya out was simply a recruiting tactic to become the new manager of the park. The owner, Princess Latifah, unknowingly signed a contract that threatens to close the park if they don’t bring in 500,000 in three months or less.

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