Sacha Jenkins has done it again, bringing her intimate but explosive journalism style to tell us the story of the notoriously outrageous funk genius Rick James. Bitchin ‘: The Sound and Fury of Rick James was caught by Showtime at the Tribeca Festival, and they have released the trailer for our funky delight.

The film focuses on one of the most legendary and often underrated figures in rock, funk and R&B. The documentary features rare footage from phenomenal live shows, James’ home videos, interviews with legendary artists, collaborators, and friends, and unwavering interviews with Rick james. We can see the full arc of James’ amazing rise and fall, while also focusing on the ‘Punk-Funk’ music he left behind.

Jenkins known for having previously directed Wu-Tang Clan: of microphones and men, Burn Motherf * cker, Burn!, The word is link Y Cool dressHe says, “The ‘wild’ side of Rick James often overshadows his musical genius, but the mathematical equation that is his life depends on all the numbers to form a whole,” said Jenkins. “Our goal was to create a balanced portrait of a brilliant artist who chased his dreams and stalked more than a few demons. Still, his influence on funk and popular music and culture is unparalleled, and his eventual rise to the top it’s easily more compelling than any free-base run. “

Bitchin 'Poster

“This film is another astonishing work by Sacha as he continues to document and contextualize the most iconic figures and events that have shaped the contemporary black experience in America,” said Showtime head of nonfiction programming Vinnie Malhotra, with Tuesday’s announcement. “In this case, he has gone very deep to illuminate the artist beyond the headlines and showcase Rick James’ innovative musical path, without shunning the painful and difficult demons he struggled with throughout.”

Although the film shows his genius collaborating with Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Nile Rodgers, Eddie Murphy, Teena Marie, The Mary Jane Girls, and MC Hammer (who won a Grammy for co-writing), don’t shy away from their abuse. of substances and his widely covered prison term that involved kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment and torture.

The generations that did not grow up in the disco were introduced to Rick James by the sketch comedy of Chappelle show. Chappelle captured the gritty and the funky in his mockumentary Rick James. It shows him wild, funny and concerned, but the direct line highlighted an extraordinary man. Speaking of the sketches, James jokes, “I love Dave (Dave Chappelle). I think he’s brought something to the comedy that people haven’t seen before. He’s a beautiful human being, and Charlie Murphy (Charlie Murphy) is a very good friend. Wherever I go, white people, black people, green people, I hear “I’m Rick James, bitch!” I really don’t think David did it on purpose. I take that back. He probably did. ” You can see it all on Showtime, which premieres on Friday, September 3.

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