One of Earth’s Green Lanterns may no longer have their ring, but their latest update could turn them into DC’s cosmic-level Iron Man.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC Comics’ Green Lantern # 5, on sale now.

Recent events in the DC Universe have seen some pretty notable heroes stripped of their powers in major ways. But there is at least one who is not backing down and has found a new technological way to continue serving as a hero on the field.

Although Simon Baz has lost a Green Lantern Ring, he can still enter the fray with his new weapons, including an impressive power armor, as revealed by the story of “The Standard Model”. Green Lantern # 5 by Geoffrey Thorne, Tom Raney, Marco Santucci, Andy MacDonald, Michael Atiyeh, and Rob Leigh.

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Green Lantern Simon Baz 1

Since the collapse of the Green Lantern Corps, most of the heroes who ever wore the ring have found themselves powerless in unique situations. This includes Simon Baz, who was on Oa when the central power battery exploded. Surviving in large part due to Teen Lantern’s last-second protection, Simon was left injured and with a ruined ring. But just because he no longer has powers doesn’t mean Simon is down for the count. In Green Lantern # 3, Simon vowed to be Jo Mullein’s backup, assisting her with his techno-augmented arm and pistol. However, it seems that the technology is expanding even more. After evidence points to Sinestro having a motive to attack Oa, Teen Lantern goes to war and attacks his world of New Korugar.

The ships defending the world, as well as a series of Yellow Lanterns, fail to stop her, and Sinestro watches the battle with an interested gaze. Finally, it is a mysterious hooded member of the Sinestro Corp, who could possibly be former Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, who stops her, forcing Teen Lantern to face her own personal fears. Stopping the battle, the hooded figure confronts Simon, who arrives on the planet with the authority of the United Planets behind him. Landing on the planet in a green orb, Simon comes out in his new mechanical armor. In essence, this is Simon’s own variant of the suits worn by Iron Man and War Machine in the Marvel Universe. It even has a shoulder-mounted barrel, similar to the War Machine Gatling pistol.

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Green Lantern Simon Baz Armor

Simon quickly confronts the Sinestro Corp member, and while her suit doesn’t allow her to overwhelm the constructions she creates, it does allow her to defend herself. The Yellow Lantern finally allows him to escape, telling him to leave before reinforcements arrive. Simon is confused by the strange figure (and how she knows his name, hinting at their deeper connection), but takes Teen Lantern and returns to his ship. While Simon losing his ring was a blow to the hero, it’s exciting to see his new arsenal continue to grow in the DC Universe. Simon can now essentially claim to be DC’s own cosmic-level Iron Man, flying around the cosmos and helping the United Planets even without the help of his ring.

It is an exciting place for Simon because it allows him to remain an active player in Green Lantern stories even without his power ring. It’s also a fun development for Simon, considering his previous use of firearms made him more comfortable with blunt weapons like armor. While it may not be as overtly powerful as it once was, this suit may be tailored to the various elements and threats the galaxy can throw at it, as well as potentially being the first suit of its kind that you have a chance to pilot. . It also gives Simon a unique item compared to the other Human Lanterns, giving him an added advantage in the future.

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