When is a Saw movie not one Saw movie? When is a Spiral movie apparently, and what distinguishes the two is a man: Tobin Bell. Actor who appeared as John “Jigsaw” Kramer in a total of eight Saw movies was notably absent in the Chris Rock reboot of the franchise, Spiral: from the book of SawAnd while director Darren Lynn Bousman recently spoke about why after much deliberation, right at the end of filming, he didn’t bring the character back, Bell himself has now spoken of being left out of the latest installment in the saga.

“I have not been able to see the movie yet. And I was aware of that, but I think in the end they got together and decided [not to do it]. Chris Rock is a very creative guy. So with Chris, maybe they felt they had enough. I do not know. I haven’t seen the movie so I have no idea. But I can tell you that the creative minds behind Saw they are not asleep. And hopefully we can move on with something that is refreshing and answers some questions that need to be answered. So I have nothing that I can tell you conclusively, but I can only tell you that I was aware of all of that. And I’m not surprised it was happening. “

While Tobin Bell appeared as Puzzle in a photo, with the Spiral murderer being an imitator of the original Saw killer, many people felt they were missing seeing and hearing it on screen, even in the smallest flashbacks. However, in his statement it seems clear that Bell would be more than willing to return to the Saw franchise in the future.

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Darren Lynn Bousman previously discussed how they toyed with the possibility of Bell appearing near the end of Spiral: from the book of Saw. “We were talking about putting Tobin on until the last day of filming,” Bousman said. “There was a constant struggle with us and I think we were all going from one place to another. It was kind of difficult because the moment you put Tobin Bell in the movie, it becomes ‘Saw 9.’ If you think of Jigsaw or some of these other movies, I had like two minutes of screen time and that was it. Sierra III, I killed him 16 years ago, so to keep finding clever ways to bring him back, I didn’t want to do this movie a disservice. Nobody can compete with Tobin Bell, you can’t, he is Puzzle and there’s no way it can live up to what’s on the screen, so I didn’t want to screw with that, I didn’t want to. I felt it was a disservice to this movie and previous movies to try to do that. “

“I had a really cool idea that he was really bummed about not succeeding and it was a way to put the Tobin Bell feeling into the movie,” he continued. “Tobin Bell is a singer and has a great voice. I found a song of his that he recorded, which was a Johnny Cash cover, and it was an amazing song and very haunting. I had the idea that, at the end of the movie, the ending and the big shootout, it was all overdubbed with that song. Basically all the sound disappears and it becomes Tobin’s voice. But then again, it felt misleading when we tried it. It sounded amazing, I loved it, but it was too much of a wink- wink, nudge-nudge the audience, so we ended up losing each other. It was a fight. ” With the continued success of the franchise with SpiralIt might happen that we will see some of Bousman’s ideas in a future installment of the Saw franchise.

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SpiralHitting theaters finally happened in May of this year, and the film managed to raise $ 36 million from its $ 20 million budget and received generally positive reviews. While the Saw movies generally made between $ 100 and $ 160 million, the arrival of Spiral immediately after the reopening of theaters after the Covid19 pandemic means that it is difficult to measure exactly what the appetite for more is Saw it is. As is the general rule for these horror franchises, this is likely not the last time we see Spiral, but if we will see Tobin Bell return to his Puzzle The role at any point in the future of the series is something that for now is a little less certain.

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