Netflix series I have never it was a huge success when it debuted last year. Season 1 set the tone for this fun, unique, and sometimes heartbreaking series. Once fans were hooked, they eagerly awaited season 2, which launched on Netflix to equally positive reception.

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Of course, with such a long wait between seasons, it’s inevitable that fans are comparing how Season 2 performs to Season 1. While it’s hard to name one season better than the others, there are certain aspects to each. does it better than the other.

10 Season 1: The Single Episode

In every season of I have never, the show does a unique episode focused on another character. Rather than telling the story through Devi’s eyes, these episodes are told from the perspective of another main character. In season 1, the focus is Ben and it’s Paxton in season 2.

While each of these episodes successfully turns things around, the season 1 episode about Ben is the better of the two. Not only does the episode have the hilarious Andy Samberg as the narrator, but it is the first time audiences were actually able to see a different side of Ben.

9 Season 2: Interesting Approaches to Difficult Topics

Fabiola looking worried at her robot

Season 1 needed to set up Devi’s story and focus on that. But with all of that established, season 2 feels freer to touch on topics like eating disorders and sexuality. Not only that, but they find new ways to talk about these things.

One of the most interesting aspects is seeing Fabiola and Eve as a new couple. Instead of Fabiola feeling perfectly content now that she’s embracing her sexuality, she struggles with the feeling that she doesn’t belong in the queer community either. It is a unique version of a family story.

8 Season 1: Fabiola and Eleanor

i never finished season 2

Since the beginning of the series, Fabiola and Eleanor have been some of the prominent characters. They are Devi’s loyal best friends, but they also have their own interesting stories in season 1 to make them even more memorable.

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For whatever reason, Fabiola and Eleanor feel more pushed aside in season 2. They don’t really have much to do in the first half of the season and their stories in the second half feel pretty rushed. It’s a disappointing use of two great characters.

7 Season 2: New Cast Additions

I've never had season 2 aneesa

Perhaps part of the reason Fabiola and Eleanor aren’t used as much in season 2 is that there are some notable additions to the cast. It can be difficult to incorporate new characters into an ensemble without feeling forced, but most newcomers are a perfect fit for the show.

Aneesa clearly stands out, providing a rival for Devi but also allowing her to be her own complex character. Nirmala is also a great addition adding some of the most poignant moments of the season.

6 Season 1: The Love Triangle

Split image of Paxton smiling next to the lockers and Ben smiling next to the locker I've never done it

Paxton was the object of Devi’s obsession from the beginning of season 1 and it was fun to watch their relationship evolve. Then when Ben became a potential love interest, he created a compelling love triangle.

However, season 2 leaned too much towards this aspect of the story. There was constant criticism about who likes Devi, who was mad at Devi, and who was jealous of whom. Hopefully, they’ll find a new focus in season 3 of I have never.

5 Season 2: Kamala’s Story

Kamala looking scared during her

With her kindness and intelligence, Kamala is one of the best characters in I have never. Season 1 does a good job of introducing her, setting her hopes for the future, and establishing her pressure to get married.

However, Season 2 brings a more satisfying arc for Kamala. While her romantic life and what it means to her future remain key to her story, this season she truly explored her career dreams. It was interesting to see their battle with an unfair workplace and how that ended up affecting their relationship as well.

4 Season 1: Devi and her mother

Devi hugging Nalini

While it’s easy to get swept up in romantic relationships, the most important bond in I have never It is between Devi and her mother. It was such an interesting take on season 1 to show how both of them are struggling with the death of Devi’s father and how that causes a rift in their own relationship.

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Somehow, it feels like season 2 lost sight of the importance of this relationship. There weren’t that many scenes of Devi and her mother together and when their stories finally converged, it just wasn’t that emotionally satisfying.

3 Season 2: More Joyful

I have never finished season 2 Kamala

There are many laughs in I have never, but season 1 is also extremely emotional. In the early moments of the show, it addresses the death of Devi’s father, and the season focuses heavily on that incident.

Even though Season 2 also tackles some big issues, it’s a much more fun season. There is a joy in all of this and the stories generally have more joy in them. While the show is compelling in its sad moments, it’s also nice to have lots of feel-good moments.

2 Season 1: Devi’s Pain

Although Season 2 doesn’t spend as much time on the most tragic aspects of Devi’s life, those aspects are still very important to the story. However, when season 2 deals with Devi’s father, it is less effective, as with the voicemail he left on Devi’s phone.

Season 1 deals with tragedy in a simpler way and is more interesting for it. While season 2 seems like she’s finding ways for Devi to cry for her father, her grief is the most important aspect of season 2.

1 Season 2: Devi’s Guilt

Devi I've never done it season 2

It’s always more interesting when a show is willing to have a flawed lead. Even though Devi is a star student at her school, she makes a lot of mistakes. In Season 1, those mistakes are frustrating, but it’s most infuriating when Devi clearly can’t see when she’s wrong.

However, Season 2 is very much about Devi facing up to her mistakes. She makes terrible decisions that hurt people and is forced to live with the guilt of what she did. That is much more interesting than seeing her oblivious to his selfish behavior.

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