On Disney’s Jungle Cruise, Dwayne Johnson’s Frank and Emily Blunt’s Lily have an Amazon adventure on La Quila, a ship with a significant name.

In Jungle cruise, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt venture down the Amazon River in La Quila, a ship with a significant name. Jungle cruise, a movie based on the Disney ride, encounters Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt) and her brother, McGregor (Jack Whitehall), on a quest to find Tears of the Moon, a tree with magical healing petals hidden somewhere in the Amazon. To get there, Lily needs the help of a crafty jungle cruise skipper (Johnson) and his ship, La Quila. But they are not the only ones behind the magic tree. In addition to Lily, the cursed immortal Spanish conquerors are following the tree’s trail, and Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons) is in search of the magic petals to bring glory to Germany during WWI.

A twist in the film reveals that La Quila’s patron, Frank, is not what he claims to be. While fighting the Spanish conquerors, Frank thrusts a sword through his chest and falls into the jungle. Lily thinks he’s dead, but surprisingly Frank returns. The captain reveals that he is also one of the cursed Spanish conquerors. He has been searching for hundreds of years for the Tears of the Moon, hoping that the petals could free him from the curse and finally put him to rest.

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It turns out that Frank’s ship has a deeper meaning in its name. Following the twist that shows Frank was a cursed conqueror, he tells Lily about his story. According to Frank, Aguirre (Edgar Ramirez) led the Spanish conquerors to search for Tears of the Moon after his daughter fell ill. Aguirre’s men were dying until an Amazon tribe saved them with Moon Tears petals. Since the tribe did not tell Aguirre where the tree was, he and his men attacked them. Frank switched sides to help the tribe, but they were all doomed to live forever along the river. Frank was obsessed with finding the tree, even naming his boat La Quila, which is similar to the name of the Inca goddess of the moon, Mama Quilla.

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Captain Wolff and Dr. Houghton aboard a Jungle Cruise ship

The meaning of Frank’s ship’s name was one of the clues to his identity. Frank insists on taking Lily downstream after realizing she possesses an arrowhead that could supposedly locate Tears of the Moon. But his true identity and intentions are largely hidden. After all, there is nothing on the Disney theme park ride about The Rock being an undead Spanish conquistador. By naming Frank’s ship after the goddess of the moon, Jungle cruise It subtly hints at the character’s obsession with the Tears of the Moon and their secret identity. In addition to the ship’s track, Frank has a pet jaguar named Proxima, which in Spanish means “next. “As an immortal, he has had many jungle cats for hundreds of years, so the name always works.

The ship’s name also reveals that Frank’s quest is noble. Unlike the other adventurers, Frank doesn’t want to blow up the tree. Instead, he wants to end his curse so that he can finally be at peace. By naming his ship after the moon goddess, Frank shows his reverence for the Tears of the Moon. His intentions contrast with others Jungle cruise characters, such as Prince Joachim de Plemons, who wants to use the tree to win a war. La Quila shows that there is more to Frank than meets the eye. The pun-loving captain really goes deeper than the Amazon.

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