Blac Chyna’s latest legal victory against the Keeping Up With The Kardashians family includes a scheduled trial date in their legal war.

Blac Chyna goes to trial against him keeping up with the Kardashians family in the midst of their years-long legal war against reality stars. He received a court date for April 2022 after obtaining the right to a jury trial in his libel suit against the family for the cancellation of his former E! Show, Rob and Chyna. In Chyna’s lawsuit, she names Kris Jenner as the one who conspired with her daughters to have her spinoff show canceled over alleged false abuse allegations. The model family and reality star has been locked in a legal war since 2017 after Chyna and Rob became involved in one of the messiest breakups in Hollywood history.

In February, Chyna got some good news in her lengthy lawsuit against the KarJenners when she was given the right to a jury trial and was handed unaired footage from the second season of Rob and Chyna and scenes of KUWTK. Chyna’s legal team presented “substantial evidenceWhich backed up his claims to accuse mom Kris and her daughters, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner of working together to cancel her show. Chyna’s evidence against the family helped prove her case and secure a scheduled date to begin the trial. Chyna accuses Kris of falsifying claims that “Chyna spanked Rob in the face “ so that they cancel their derived series.

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New court documents reveal that a Los Angeles superior court judge informed Chyna and the KarJenner family that the trial will begin on April 15, 2022. All about tea reports. In the lawsuit, Chyna cites the “illegal interference “ Kris, Kim, Khloé, and Kylie did it behind the scenes to get their show canceled. Now he is after the famous family for millions of dollars. “Kris Jenner acted with real malice in December 2016 when she falsely claimed that Chyna ‘spanked’ Rob’s face and told the ‘Rob & Chyna’ executive producer and executive producer to ‘get Chyna out of the picture. [‘Rob & Chyna’] Show,'” Chyna states in her legal documents. The lawsuit also criticizes Kim, Khloé, and Kylie for communicating with executives and showing producers how to spread lies and demanding that Chyna be fired from E !.

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Chyna’s legal doctors even accuse Kylie of offering to fill the void in Chyna’s canceled show with content related to her life. According to All about tea, Khloé is also accused of sending a “email to Jeff Olde from E! threatening not to go ahead with ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ (KUWTK) if ‘Rob & Chyna’ season 2 was not canceled based on Khloé’s false claim that ‘Rob’s safety’ was in jeopardy due to the behavior Chyna’s ‘volatile’ “. Meanwhile, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has denied all of Chyna’s allegations and claims they played no role in canceling Chyna and Rob’s show.

The latest development in their years-long legal war comes months after Chyna and Rob reached a custody agreement for their daughter Dream Kardashian. He is often seen spending time with Rob and his cousins, showing how well Chyna and Rob have managed to maintain some kind of friendly ties for the sake of their daughter. But her family ties haven’t moved Chyna enough to drop her lawsuit. She is after him keeping up with the Kardashians family by the millions and it won’t stop until you have your day in court.

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