The Disney + series Hawkeye it’s drawing significant attention to the title character. Having starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade as part of the Avengers, Jeremy Renner will reprise his role as Hawkeye in a title role as the title character alongside Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop.

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With the series scheduled to begin in November 2021, everything about the character is worth knowing. Fans have had long-running questions regarding the MCU version and the Hawkeye from the comics, and the answers to the most pressing queries about Clint Barton should be sought before the TV series potentially adapts them.

10 Who created the character?

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in The Avengers

As with most Marvel characters, Hawkeye is the brainchild of writer Stan Lee, though Lee isn’t the only one to give credit. Artist Don Heck has an equal role in bringing Hawkeye to life, making Stan Lee and Heck co-creators of the character.

As was the case in the MCU, Clinton Francis Barton was also quickly integrated into the Avengers in the comics. However, he was not a founding member and only joined the faction in May 1965. Avengers # 16.

9 When did you make your first appearance?

Hawkeye fights Iron Man in Tales of Suspense 57

Here’s a fact that comic book fans will know about Hawkeye – he debuted in 1964 Tales of Suspense # 57, playing the role of a villain. The story had Iron Man in the title role, with Hawkeye and Black Widow chasing after him, as the former had a crush on her and followed Black Widow on his search for Iron Man.

The pair sought to steal Tony Stark’s technology, so they ambushed Stark and attempted to commit a robbery by force. By the end of the story arc, Black Widow had abandoned Hawkeye, who promised to turn a new page.

8 Who is your arch enemy?

Unlike most superheroes, Hawkeye does not have an established nemesis, having been primarily involved in team stories. Still, the closest contender to this status would be the villain Crossfire, responsible for Hawkeye’s initial hearing loss.

This happened in Hawkeye # 4 as a result of using a sonic arrow to counter Crossfire’s attacks. Hawkeye certainly qualifies as his main rival from the villain’s point of view, as Crossfire has frequently cropped up due to a personal grudge against the hero. This includes the murder of Mockingbird’s mother which led to the dissolution of her relationship with Clint in Hawkeye and nightingale # 2.

7 What teams have you been a part of?

As a hero known primarily for appearing alongside teams, Hawkeye is among the characters with the highest affiliations with the factions. In addition to the inclusion of the MCU version in Avengers and SHIELD, the Hawkeye comic has several more teams under his belt.

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These include the Defenders, the West Coast Avengers, the Wild Pack, the Avengers Academy, the Great Lakes Avengers, the Secret Avengers, the World Counter-Terrorism Agency, the New Avengers, and the Thunderbolts. He has also had associations with characters like Black Widow, Kate Bishop, and Mockingbird.

6 What makes you a unique superhero?

Hawkeye hearing aid

In Hawkeye vol. 1 # 4, Clint lost most of his hearing while fighting Crossfire. However, this did not cement his place as a deaf superhero, although it was noted that he was. It is known so far about the Hawkeye series that this look will also suit the MCU.

I was in Hawkeye vol. 4 that Clint Barton embraced being who he is, with the reason for his deafness changed to a mercenary who has pushed arrows into Clint’s ears and permanently damages them. The use of aids has helped Hawkeye retain a certain level of hearing, although he also uses sign language to communicate.

5 What aliases have you used?

Hawkeye standing in the rain in Endgame

In the MCU, Clint Barton has had two nicknames, including the most famous of Hawkeye and his vigilante character known as Ronin. These two titles were also present in the comics, with Tales of Suspense # 57 debut him as Hawkeye while Ronin first appeared on New Avengers # 27.

In addition to these two identities, Clint has had two others known as Goliath and Golden Archer. He first appeared as Goliath in Avengers # 63 and assumed the nickname Golden Archer in Captain America # 179.

4 What skills and abilities do you have?

Hawkeye in the MCU and Marvel Comics

Using the nickname Goliath, Barton made use of Pym particles to change shape and size, as Hank Pym often does. This is the only time he’s had super abilities, other than which Hawkeye has relied on arrow tricks, marksmanship, and fighting skills.

The MCU version is exceptionally trained in hand-to-hand combat, hand-to-hand combat, and fencing. The comic Hawkeye was trained by Captain America in martial arts and has incredible acrobatic technique due to his time at the carnival. He is also in top human condition and is known to turn almost any object into a weapon.

3 What alternate versions of the characters are there?

The MCU version of Hawkeye is technically an alternate incarnation, as he belongs to the universe known as Earth-199999. The main Hawkeye from the comics is the Earth-616 version, and there have been other notable ones as well.

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These include the Earth-13584 iteration that was part of the Spider-Man gang, the Warped World version known as Cat’s Eye, the Marvel zombies Hawkeye who was zombified by Sentry, the incarnation of Earth-18119 who was the leader of SHIELD. Perhaps the most popular alternative to Clint Barton is that of Old Logan, who was old and blind and prepared the events of the story to begin.

2 Who are your love interests?

In striking contrast to the MCU version, who only had a love interest in his wife, Laura, the Hawkeye comic has had several relationships. Comic book fans know Natasha Romanoff, with Black Widow being the first romance Barton was shown to have.

Later, he had relationships with his teammate Thunderbolts Moonstone, adventures with the Wasp, Echo, Scarlet Witch, and was married to Bobbi Morse, also known as the Mockingbird.

1 What is your family origin?

Barney barton marvel

Clint’s mother was referenced in Avengers Endgame like Edith Barton, which is also true in the comics. Her father was Harold Barton, an alcoholic who died in a car accident along with Edith. This left Clint and his older brother, Barney, orphans and the two eventually joined a carnival.

Later, Barney became disillusioned with life at the carnival and asked Clint to go with him, but the latter was too late, leaving Barney thinking that Clint had decided to let him go. Eventually, Barney was brainwashed by Baron Zemo, took the nickname Trickshot, and was a supervillain for some time until he reconciled with Clint.

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