Another hit fantasy series is getting the television adaptation treatment. Deadline reports that Radar Pictures has acquired the copyright to the small screen Mercedes lackey‘s Valdemar universe, with plans to develop a long-running fantasy book series television show.

The first season will be adapted from Lackey’s Last herald-wizard trilogy, consisting of Magic pawn, Magic price, Y The promise of magic, and revolves around the character of Vanyel Ashkevron, the main protagonist and heir to his family’s Valdemaran estate who becomes irritated under the restrictions imposed by his father, but eventually becomes one of the herald-wizards more powerful than Valdemar. have known.

Radar Pictures is founded by the co-founder of Interscope Records Ted field, who is currently serving as an executive producer on the upcoming Amazon Studios adaptation of The wheel of time and will executive produce the television show Valdemar. Kit williamson, creator of Netflix EastSiders, will be adapted together with the author Brittany Cavallaro, better known for her Charlotte holmes novel series. Anthony Tringali, Maria frisk, Y Michael Napoliello will produce through Radar Pictures.


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In a provided statement, Lackey said: “I have waited for decades that The Last Herald-Mage would be adapted for television. Now that Radar has opted for the trilogy, I am almost out of breath with excitement. I could not have chosen a better organization to take. my work in hand, and Kit and Bri, the producers, absolutely know both their material and material. I love the fact that this will be a long-running series: episode television gives the story all the space it needs. I hope our fans will be as excited to see their favorite characters come to life as I am. ”

“Vanyel in The Last Herald Mage series was one of the first homosexual characters I encountered, and as a fresh 16-year-old I can’t stress enough the impact these books had on me. The Valdemar series was way ahead of its time. in portraying LGBTQ characters, and Lackey’s writing provided them with a level of depth and complexity that is still very rare, especially in genre storytelling, “said Williamson.

“It is an absolute dream to adapt Valdemar’s books together with Radar Pictures and Kit Williamson. Twenty years ago, Kit and I became friends at boarding school and bonded over our love for the work of Mercedes Lackey, and we are so excited to get started. the process of bringing it to the screen, “Cavallaro said.

Valdemar’s TV series becomes the latest in a group of fantasy novels adapted for the small screen, including By Sarah J. Maas A court of thorns and roses, which Ronald D. Moore will be developed for Hulu; the aforementioned Time wheel on Amazon, which was recently renewed for a second season before the first even premiered; From Netflix Shadow and bone adaptation of Leigh bardugothe novels, also renewed for season 2; and of course the next Amazon Lord of the Rings series, which just released a first teaser image earlier this week.

A premiere date and platform news for the Valdemar series have not yet been announced, so stay tuned to Collider for even more information as this adaptation progresses.

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