The Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard with Touch ID works with any Mac, but Touch ID is only for Apple Silicon models and there is only one color available.

AppleThe new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID can now be purchased separately and works with any Mac M1 computer. This is great news for new Apple fans and should make life a bit easier for anyone who needs to authenticate during the day. There are a few details to consider in terms of compatibility and options before purchasing.

Apple released its new M1 iMac in May 2021, the first major redesign in nine years. The M1 processor, which is based on the A14 chip that powers the iPad Air 4, allows this desktop to have a more tablet-like appearance than an all-in-one computer. At just under 12 millimeters thick, it’s a beautiful design and Apple celebrated it with a full rainbow of seven colors to choose from. The chosen color is transmitted to the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard included with the iMac is the first to contain Apple’s Touch ID technology in an external keyboard.

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Once available only with the purchase of an iMac, the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is now available from Apple website. This wireless keyboard will work with any Mac that has Bluetooth or an available USB-C connector, but it’s important to note that the Touch ID feature only works with Mac computers that contain an Apple Silicon chip, which currently means it must have a processor. M1. . Apple offers two options with the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, one with 78 keys and a larger 109-key model that includes a numeric keypad. Those who expect color options when purchasing the keyboard alone may be disappointed to learn that there is only one color currently available, the standard silver with white keys.

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Which one is better for your Mac?

For anyone using a desktop Mac mini or anticipating buying a future Apple Silicon Mac computer, the 109-key model might make more sense as it makes data entry much faster, add some text editing buttons and move the arrow keys to the right to avoid accidental touches. For just $ 30 more at $ 179, it’s a solid, reliable keyboard that can bring the unique benefits of Touch ID to desktop Macs, something previously only found on a MacBook.

For those who need a slimmer and more portable solution, the 78-key Magic Keyboard with Touch ID costs $ 149 and has a design that’s nearly identical to the keyboard built into the MacBook Air. Compared to the MacBook Pro keyboard, it differs in the area of ​​the touch bar, of course, as the external keyboard has physical function keys. Both models support Bluetooth wireless connections and include a USB-C cable for charging. After setting up Touch ID with the owner’s fingerprint, it’s a super fast and easy way to unlock a Mac, authenticate purchases, and log into websites and other accounts. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is probably the most convenient external keyboard available for Apple Silicon Mac computers and is worth the high cost.

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