Westworld star Jeffrey Wright is one of those actors who seems to be always busy. As well as appearing in every season of the sci-fi drama, including the fourth, which has currently restarted filming after being stopped by a Covid-19 outbreak, he is about to be heard on Marvel. What if…? series on Disney + as the voice of The Watcher, but it’s next year’s move to DC that many people are interested in, as he appears as Commissioner Gordon alongside Robert Pattinson. The batman. Speaking to ComicBook.com, Wright spoke about the latest outing of The dark knight and what to expect from the movie.

“We all made this movie together, Rob and Zoë [Kravitz] and Colin [Farrell] and John Turturro, all working under the direction of Matt Reeves, to create these characters and a specific Gotham for our film. ” Jeffrey Wright saying. “So whatever we do individually is kind of a reflection of what we’re all doing and what Matt’s vision is. And it’s very specific. It’s a bit more of a throwback to DC, like in Detective Comics, all of that. “

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Wright’s enthusiasm for the film is endless, and he proved that by continuing: “I loved it. I loved the script and I loved what we were doing. We were doing it in circumstances that I didn’t love that were really very challenging. One time. We closed down and when we got back to work in September it was difficult, particularly the isolation away from family in London isolated in an empty hotel. But we made, I think, a brilliant movie. “

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Wright joins a long line of actors who have previously played Commissioner Gordon on screen, including Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan. dark Knight trilogy, Ben McKenzie on Gotham and JK Simmons on League of JusticeIt is unlikely to be the last, but like the others, Wright will leave his own stamp on the Gotham City Police Chief. In conclusion, Wright was happier talking about how good he thinks he is. Robert Pattinson It will be like Batman and the three different people he became on set.

“I loved the dynamic that Rob and I were able to create,” Wright said. “I’m very excited for people to see what he does with this. He creates three different people. There is Rob, there is Bruce Wayne and there is Batman and each one is different. It’s really cool. We will introduce you next spring.”

Robert Pattinson The batman is probably one of the most anticipated outings for the Caped Crusader since Christian Bale wore the bat suit, mainly because his cast was heavily criticized when it was originally announced that there are many who want to see if he can prove the skeptics wrong, and at the same time. Like many waiting to see if the initial clamor was justified. The batman won’t hit theaters until March 2022, while What if…? begins streaming episodes weekly beginning August 11 on Disney +.

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