There are more than a dozen minor frames that flow through Boys, all of which eventually merge into a head-on collision between the most unexpected factions. After the explosive climax in the season 2 finale, fans are looking forward to the series for the next season, which fortunately received the green light.

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The boys win their respective battles, but the war hasn’t even started, and season 3 is the place where all hell must break loose to keep up with the narrative at the pace audiences have gotten used to. In addition, almost every character undergoes a metamorphosis, radical changes that are likely to be reflected in the future decisions they make.

10 A-Train leaves the collective’s church

A-Train is trapped in The Church of the Collective after Deep and Alastair Adana “convince” him that it would be the best for him. However, he continues to search for a way to escape, but cannot break free from the cult until the events of the season 2 finale leave an open place in The Seven.

A-Train jumps with excitement at the discovery and rushes back to New York, presumably to regain his former status. However, given the turbulent situation, it’s unclear whether Vought CEO Stan Edgar will allow the disgraced Supe to return.

9 Victoria Neumann murders Alastair Adana

Victoria Neuman portrays herself as a politician who fights on behalf of innocent people, especially those trapped in the vortexes of Supe egomania. Her facade is so layered that absolutely no one knows about her I knew heritage, much less the fact that she is the secret criminal who runs through town and explodes people’s heads.

Alastair Adana is shown talking to her on the phone just before her skull snaps open, with the camera moving out the window to reveal Victoria standing in front of her house. His agenda / motivations remain unknown.

8 Breast milk finally reunites with his wife and daughter

Mother’s Milk hates spending time away from her family, and this feeling continues to worsen with each disaster she faces. At one point, he has no choice but to convince Monique and Janine that a CIA safe house is the safest bet for everyone.

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So it’s even more heartwarming to see MM greet her daughter armed with a stuffed penguin, effectively hitting the reset button of her life.

7 Hughie plans to attack Vought through politics

Hughie is delusional about being together with Starlight once again, safe under the assumption that Homelander will not quench their romance. Unfortunately, he later visits Victoria Neuman’s apartment, asking for a job, so he can “fight Vought … the right way.”

She is surprised by his request, but accepts him as part of her team anyway. Hughie’s story will likely get a lot darker in season 3, with his boys currently out of the picture.

6 Frenchie and Kimiko do a little twist before coming out of hiding

Frenchie and Kimiko have apparently started taking their relationship to the next level, and they are absolutely adorable together. With their enemies at bay, the pair are free to live as openly and freely as they want, which is reflected in their last scene together.

Kimiko signs something for Frenchie, after which they do a cute twist in the middle of their dusty hiding place before heading up the stairs into the sunlight.

5 Stormfront is cremated and thrown into prison

Ryan Butcher burns Stormfront beyond recognition to save his mother, inadvertently killing Becca in the process. However, the Supe remains alive, given his unmatched durability, but the massive extent of his wounds impacts the clarity of his consciousness.

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As Vought painfully knows, Stormfront’s status as a literal Nazi forces the organization to distance itself from it. Homelander announces that “Stormfront has been neutralized and is being held at an undisclosed location.”

4 Starlight is allowed to take her place among the seven

Starlight agrees to help the boys against Vought’s downright despicable actions, but is caught when Stormfront and Homelander become suspicious of her. She is officially declared a traitor, after which the Supe conglomerate imprisons Starlight in the Seven Tower.

Long after being rescued, in addition to participating in the unmasking of Stormfront, Starlight is “welcome[d] Back to the team “of Homelander. The latter even says that he” personally would like to apologize “to her, a drastic and disconcerting change of character for him.

3 Billy Butcher hands Ryan over to the CIA

Billy Butcher is devastated to see his beloved wife die, but he obeys his deathbed promise to her. When Homelander arrives, demanding that Ryan be taken into his custody, Billy stands firm.

Things turn out very differently than he expects, considering that Homelander has no choice but to let them both go. After this serendipitous event, Billy takes no more chances with Ryan and hands the boy over to Grace Mallory.

2 Maeve is the only person who can control Homelander

Just before Homelander can kill Billy Butcher and kidnap Ryan, Queen Maeve appears, threatening her colleague with video evidence of her plane crash-related depravity. Homelander lightly informs her that he will “destroy everything … and everyone” if she gives the information.

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Maeve coldly tells him it doesn’t matter, “as long as nobody loves [him] Again. She trusts Homelander’s greatest weakness, his need for attention, forcing him under her thumb. For now.

1 Homelander’s childhood rebellion against the world

Homelander's last scene in season 2

Homelander is furious that, for the first time in his life, he is being denied something he desperately wants, and he knows there is no way he can have it. To no one’s surprise, he throws a hugely over-excited man-boy tantrum atop the Chrysler Building.

Homelander repeats the same phrase over and over: “I can do whatever I want”, in full view of the city, although it should be noted that there is a negligible chance of getting caught because it is quite late at night. One can only imagine how worst it will be in season 3.

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