Season 2 showed the growth of Umbrella Academy’s power. It is possible that it was Hargreeves himself who stunted the team’s power.

A theory about The Umbrella Academy suggests that Reginald Hargreeves actually sabotaged the team’s powers. As the team’s mentor and surrogate father figure, Hargreeves shaped the group to fit his vision. With The Umbrella Academy season 3 on its way and focusing on the Sparrow Academy, audiences will be able to see how the academy might have turned out if it had done things differently.

In The Umbrella Academy, when Reginald Hargreeves She learned that the children were born in strange circumstances, acquired seven of the babies and had them raised under her supervision. Under strict training, he was able to make six of them manifest their powers and find some control over them. With the seventh, Vanya, he was unable to control her power and instead locked her up and brainwashed into believing that she had no power. In season 2, former members of the academy discovered new aspects of their powers when they were in the world on their own.

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While showing new dimensions to the powers of the characters, it could be attributed to The Umbrella Academycomic book origins And the tendency of those narratives to want to raise the stakes and the powers, there is potentially much more to it than that. Vanya’s powers were deliberately suppressed, but the others were similarly sabotaged, unconsciously or not, by Hargreeves’ tactics. This is most evident with Klaus, for whom Hargreeves’ lack of sympathy led him to be terrorized by forces he did not understand and to turn to drugs in order to cope. Without the presence of Hargreeves, he can cleanse himself and gain much greater control of his powers.

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This is also clearly manifested in the powers that Diego and Allison demonstrate in The Umbrella Academy Season 2. While Diego’s power has previously only been able to bend the trajectory of the metal he has thrown, the beginning and end of Season 2 show that he can bend or stop the bullets being fired at him. Allison’s power is shown to go beyond altering someone’s will to change their physical reality while blasting people’s heads in the season’s intro. This implies that Hargreeves developed his powers until his most basic form manifested and then kept it there. It also suggests that Allison’s use of the phrase “I heard a rumor“It may not be necessary for her power, but simply a crutch that Hargreeves helped her develop. Like Vanya, Five represents possibly more intentional sabotage. Hargreeves continually rejects Five trying to test his powers while attempting to assert control over the academy.

This need for control that hampers their ability to allow Umbrella students to reach their full potential is emphasized by how clearly their suppression of Vanya’s powers is motivated by personal fear. While Vanya has killed countless babysitters, Hargreeves’ response was always to replace them, eventually with a robot, to respond to the symptom of the problem. Only when Vanya hurts Hargreeves himself and he realizes he can’t control her does he resort to taking away access to her powers by manipulating Allison. This lends credence to the possibility that Reginald similarly deliberately limited the potential of all of his students, potentially feeling that his control over them was related to his inability to fully understand or utilize their abilities.

For season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, audiences know that Hargreeves did things drastically differently, as Sparrow Academy has already confirmed that Ben survived in this timeline. Having met the team in the 1960s, you’ve likely changed your approach to training and also who you recruited. It seems possible that his fear of his powers combined with his understanding of their potential could have led him to take more drastic measures to ensure his dominance over them, ensuring that Umbrella Academy struggles to overcome its control of the Sparrows when the two groups intersect. .

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