The original Twilight received better reviews than many of its sequels, but what made the 2008 film one of the least hated outings in the series? Launched in 2008, Twilight it was a movie that was never destined to be a critical favorite. Based on the paranormal romance saga of the same name by author Stephanie Meyer, Twilight it was an unabashedly serious teenage film that presented her melodramatic love story without much ironic detachment.

Yet as serious and occasionally embarrassing as Twilight It was, the movie had a much easier time with critics than its first sequel, from 2009. New Moon. Without original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, New Moon fared much worse with reviewers than its predecessor the year before. The sequel was called clunky, slow, jerky, and drab, leading some fans to wonder how the original Twilight managed to avoid this fate.

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Of course, Twilight It wasn’t exactly universally loved by critics either, but a lot of the film’s reviews said it had many redeeming characteristics and was far from the worst teen romance / fantasy combination out there. However, it was not the central love story between the ageless vampire Edward and his boyfriend Bella that helped save Twilightis among the critics. Instead, it was the addition of a serial killer subplot (no matter how it was added) that kept the original film’s action energetic and immersive, where subsequent sequels struggled to maintain momentum for fans not investing in. Bella and Edward. love story. Much of what he did New Moon The weakest Twilight The film was this myopic focus on the central couple, where the first film in the saga was clever enough to shed some hilarious bloodshed to ensure audiences weren’t bored with the familiarity of the romantic plot.

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Twilight added a murder mystery element

Twilight eclipse Victoria background James

Admittedly, it may not have been a conventional murder mystery, as fans knew the killers were James, Victoria, and Laurent, and the mystery was when they would cross paths with the movie’s heroes rather than who was committing the murders. . But nevertheless, Twilight He still added a murder mystery story to liven up the proceedings and keep viewers interested, and it was one of the film’s best decisions in narrative terms. Throughout the action of the film, there are brief scenes of the evil coven killing the townspeople and the police finding their remains, and this dark addition reinforces the film’s credibility as a supernatural thriller. The Twilight the villain James exists in the original book, but he is finely sketched and barely established as a presence until the very end, when the need for a villain and a dramatic climax leads him to resurface. On the contrary, in the film version of Twilight, the coven that kills the townspeople of Forks has enough B-story (absent in the original novel, and one of the few significant additions in the largely faithful film) to interest anyone who discovers that Bella’s family history and Edward about hapless lovers. drags.

The new moon dropped this (and lost critical favor)

twilight new moon shakespeare romeo juliet similarities differences explained

Hitting theaters just a year after the first film in the series turned out to be a financial success, New Moon received worse reviews than Twilight post-release, and the lack of a compelling subplot like the original’s murderous coven was a major factor. New MoonThe story is familiar (excerpted from Shakespeare Romeo juliet according to Twilight’the author himself) and as such the sequel needed a side story even more than the original film. However, since the main plot was too busy a story with many threads, New Moon Hadn’t had time to add a small town serial killer like the original Twilight. While each of these individual threads may have been predictable, the sequel still needed to establish the character of Jacob Black, who the Volturi were, the separation of Bella and Edward, and the Quileute tribe, meaning there was no longer a place for him. mystery of the first movie.

Said that New Moon he could have pushed the Volturi villainy a bit more and established them as a credible threat, giving bored viewers of Bella and Edward something to invest in. The Volturi, after all, pretend to be the main villains of New MoonHowever, some of the TwiighThe best villains of the saga like Alec and Jane are lost in the sequel. The laser focus on Edward and Bella’s story about the saga’s villains and their broader myths means that the Volturi are never presented as particularly threatening. In contrast, the little coven of James, Laurent, and Victoria was theoretically much less powerful, but seems much more intimidating than the Volturi from the original. Twilight states that they have killed for sustenance and sport and will continue to do so, while Edward has to search for the Volturi before they become a threat to him in New Moon.

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Eclipse brought a killer B story

Fortunately for fans of the franchise, the next Twilight Sequel, 2010 Underrated Eclipse, brought up a killer side story, literally. Having recently done the gorier, rated R 30 days at night, Eclipse Director David Slade added a string of surprisingly dark murders in the opening installments of the second sequel to let viewers know that Bella and Edward’s romance wasn’t the only major story in the film. As a result, this critically-acclaimed sequel fared better than both. New Moon and the later Sunrise, Victoria being a more convincing and bloodthirsty villain than the weak Volturi.

Although Eclipse makes it clear that the unstable Victoria is nowhere near as powerful as the Volturi, her rage making her a more menacing figure than distant vampire royalty. Meanwhile, his slow progress in building an army of vampires to destroy Forks is chilling because Slade’s movie hints at the level of carnage that goes into forming the vengeful villain Victoria’s bloodsucking squad, but it always returns to the story. head before things get too gory. As a result, viewers are constantly reminded that there is a clear and present threat on the way to kill Bella and Edward (something is missing in New Moon), while giving you a reason to invest in TwilightThe sequel’s love story gives viewers reason to believe that its two central players may not make it to the end credits.

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