• Alterations have been observed in Australian parrots, wood mice and masked shrews

  • An expert points out that they are adapting to survive but that other species will not

The climate change It is not only a problem that affects people’s lives, but animals also have to adapt to it. A new study, published this Tuesday by the magazine ‘Trends in ecology and evolution’ has shown that some animals are “changing shape” as a result of climate change. Specifically, its beaks, legs and ears they are larger to better regulate your body temperature as the planet warms.

The bird researcher Sara ryding, from the University of Deakin (Australia), has explained that “many times, when talking about climate change in the media, people ask ‘can humans overcome this?”, or “what technology can solve this? “.” It is time that we recognize that animals also have to adapt to these changes. “In addition, he insisted that” the climate change that we have created is putting great pressure on them, and although some species will adapt, others will not“, has added.

Ryding has pointed out that climate change is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that has been taking place progressively, so it is difficult to pinpoint a single cause of shape change in animals. But these changes have occurred in wide geographic regions and a great variety of species.

Animals that have developed changes

The most notable changes have been observed in the birds. Various species of australian parrots they have increased their beak size from 4% to 10% since 1871. But they have also seen changes in mammals. Specifically, in the increase in the length of the tail in the forest mice and the increase of the tail and legs in the masked shrews.

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They will continue investigating

Now Ryding has set out to investigate the shapeshifting of Australian birds firsthand. 3d scan specimens of museum birds from the last 100 years. This will allow your team to better understand which birds are changing the size of some of their body parts due to climate change and why.

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The change in shape does not mean that animals are coping with climate change and that everything is “fine” has explained the technique in birds. “It just means that they are evolving to survive it, but we are not sure what the other ecological consequences of these changes are, or that all species are able to change and survive“, it is finished.


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