There can be nothing better Beetle juiceObviously, what the detestable and detestable poltergeist Michael Keaton gave us. Keaton’s acting and face seemed to be tailor-made for him. It seems like that couldn’t be further from the truth. With Keaton reprising his role as bat Man on The flash, has fans reminiscing about the time when Tim Burton sought out Michael Keaton for two of his iconic roles. After watching their monumental careers, it seems strange to think of these first two encounters and discuss a crazy idea that became a Halloween staple.

When Tim Burton approached Michael Keaton For the role of Betelgeuse and his vision for the film, Keaton admits that “I had no idea what he was talking about, but I liked him,” he says of Burton. “I said, ‘I wish I could do it. You seem like a really nice guy and I know you’re creative, but I don’t get it.’

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Tim Burton schedule another meeting with him Mr mom star to give you another chance to broadcast your vision. “When you watch (the movie), you probably understand why it was difficult for him to explain.” It took three separate and determined attempts by Burton to explain his movie, and then the third time, something finally clicked. “I said, ‘Give me a night or two days,’ and I called the wardrobe department at the studio and said, ‘Send me a bunch of wardrobes from different time periods, randomly. Just pick a shelf. ‘ And then I thought of an idea of ​​teeth and an idea of ​​walking. “

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Keaton called Burton and told him that he had come up with something that he thought Burton would like. Here is the amazing part. He never saw any of that. We discussed it. I said ‘I want hair that looks like I put my finger in an electrical outlet.’ And I said, ‘I want mold because Tim said it lives under the rocks,’ “Keaton recalled.” So I showed up for work, I went up on stage and said, ‘This is going to be very out of place, or it will, I don’t know what. going to do. “Burton clearly loved Keaton’s creation.” He got it right away, “Keaton said of the moment.

Now that we’ve seen Burton’s trademark dark and whimsical world used throughout his career from Eduardo scissorhands for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it seems Keaton was a mind reader, because his Betelgeuse is on point! Congratulations, Mr. Keaton!

While checking the facts, I found some Beetle juice bits that, although unrelated, I couldn’t help but include. Burton made a passionate plea to Rat Packer Sammy Davis, Jr. to play Betelgeuse, as the artist was one of Burton’s favorites growing up, but studio executives would not accept him.

Among others, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields and Molly Ringwald are among the young actresses who allegedly turned down the role of Lydia Deetz. Juliette Lewis auditioned, but Winona Ryder finally won Burton’s heart with her role in Luke.

The movie is almost called Scared without sheets. And lastly, Winona Ryder told Seth Meyers about Beetlejuice 2, which was in process in 2017 and said: “I think I can confirm it. It was a very secret secret … but then [Tim Burton] I was doing some press for Large eyes And he did an on-camera interview and said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re doing it and Winona is going to be on it.’ … If he said it, I can tell. “You must be cheating on me. Don’t make fun of us, Winona!

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