We still haven’t seen the long-awaited Sopranos prequel The many saints of NewarkBut it seems that if all goes according to plan, there is a strong possibility that another deep dive will take place in Tony Soprano’s younger years very soon after. As we’ve seen with Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa’s cop buddy flick that went from speculative jokes on Twitter to a development project, things can move quickly in the film industry if the right mix of events comes together at the right time. . The sopranos Creator David Chase only mentioned in a Deadline interview earlier today that he would definitely consider making more movies about the mobster’s formative years, but only if series writer Terence Winter was on board. A few hours later, Deadline had contacted Winter to ask for a comment, and that comment was “The idea of ​​doing another, and doing it with David, would be in no time. Absolutely.”

While this is something for fans to get a little excited about, we need to curb our enthusiasm a bit as there is no way of knowing how wellThe many saints of Newark lands and if the results are profitable enough for Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema to want to bet on more of the same. However, from what we’ve seen so far, there have only been a rare number of cases where a hit is as guaranteed as this movie to do what it takes to get a green-lit sequel.

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The sopranos The original cast takes a step away from the franchise to make way for a younger cast, which includes Michael gandolfini taking on the role made famous by his father, Tony Soprano. The rest of the cast is solid enough to bring to life characters known much earlier in life than in the series. Vera Farmiga plays Tony’s mother, Livia, and Jon Bernthal plays his father, Johnny Boy Soprano. Corey Stoll plays Uncle Junior and John Magaro plays Silvio Dante, Billy Magnussen plays young Paulie Walnuts, Samson Moeakiola plays Big Pussy, Alexandra Intrator plays his sister Janice, and Robert Vincent Montano plays future chef Artie Bucco.

“This is very flattering,” Winter said when told how much David chase wants to have him back on board. “I loved the movie, and I’ve seen it a couple of times. I was really undecided about whether David should do it. You know, let’s just leave him alone. But the more he told me about his ideas, obviously, I couldn’t be in better hands than David and Alan Taylor. I knew it would be good, I just didn’t know how much I was going to love it. To me, it felt like the show tonally, like it was the show, but not the show. It just felt light, tonally, like what we did. The cast was great and Alessandro Nivola was just amazing. Watching Michael Gandolfini, there were so many moments when he was her father. Ray Liotta was terrific. “

However, just because it works as a prequel to the series, that doesn’t mean the movie is just for fans of The sopranos. Terence WinterHe went on to say that he thinks the movie definitely works, whether you know the characters or not, but knowing the series only provides an additional level if you’re willing to pay attention.

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“There are so many Easter eggs, if you know what they are, they reward you for paying attention,” he said. And if you didn’t get it then, that’s fine, it works like a standalone movie. David and I have discussed how many stories there are that precede the TV series, and the idea of ​​doing a sequel, if that’s what it comes down to, would be a lot of fun. And also the opportunity to work again with David, a dear friend and mentor. From that point of view alone, it would be fantastic. “This news originated in Deadline.

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