Christopher Nolan’s next film is about the creation of the atomic bomb during World War II

In an explosive reveal, the legendary director, it is revealed that Christopher Nolan’s next film is set in WWII, focusing on the creation of the atomic bomb, and more towards J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist behind the creation of the atomic bomb. With the film in development, it appears to be his next film, after the community split that was BeginningAs reported by multiple sources recently, Nolan is no longer looking to WB to distribute his films, after being a longtime contributor, due to the recent HBO Max drama released on the same day. Said to be totally against digital releases rather than cinematic openings, Nolan is reported to be speaking to various studios for his next film, and rumors of a deal with Netflix previously surfaced, which fans are skeptical of, considering that Netflix is ​​also a streaming service.

Many major Hollywood studios are reported to be reading Nolan’s script and speaking to their representatives, rather than speaking exclusively to Warner Brothers Media, as was Nolan’s preferred destination in the past. This comes after his movie. Beginning, Which caused division among fans and critics alike, but was certainly a mind-blowing one, was released amid dire conditions for the cinema, but still holds the record for the highest grossing film in the pandemic, with little more than $ 360 million, which was allegedly not enough for WB to generate a significant profit.

While the film is in its early stages, there have been rumors about the cast of the film, with Cillian Murphy, a longtime Christopher Nolan contributor, is said to be in consideration for the title role. While the exact details of the cast are subject to further confirmation and essentially depending on how much the movie has progressed, many fans see this as a fresh start for Nolan, who faced a lot of criticism for Beginningunfortunately to prove himself again, while remaining one of the best, if not the best director to date.

Weather Christopher Nolan he’s no stranger to war movies, with his 2017 movie, Dunkirk, also set in WWII, also starring Cillian Murphy, described as an incredible cinematic experience, it was a different movie from the ones Nolan is famous for, superhero movies, sci-fi and non-linear breaking bombs. movies, but a blockbuster. Criticism has already started pouring in, with many fans debating whether Nolan’s next film should be a biography, ultimately it is up to the director himself, and even non-Nolan fans are expecting a special film, which has been a tradition for. Nolan’s movies. .

While many may not know it, Nolan is also no stranger to biographies, as his canceled Howard Hughes biopic was frequently labeled ‘the best movie Nolan ever made’ and was slated to star Jim Carrey as the actor. main before the last few years. of Hughes’s life, later canceled The AviatorDirected by Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio directed the fan favorite movie. Will Nolan be able to prove his skeptics wrong, (again) with another of his masterpieces, or will a fate similar to Tenet’s be repeated? Whatever the outcome, only time will tell, meanwhile, his fans believe.

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