Leslie Grace Shares ‘Batgirl’ Casting Reaction: My Brain Really Broke

Leslie Grace shared her reaction upon learning that she had been cast as Barbara Gordon on the upcoming HBO series Max. Bat girl film, when she was interviewed by Variety on the red carpet of MTV Music Video Awards 2021. The actress revealed that the news was a complete surprise, as similar to The flash Sasha Calle was told the news in a video conference by Grace that she believed was just to participate in a full reading audition with the filmmakers.

“It was an incredible moment,” Leslie grace said. “When I mean amazing, I mean the textbook definition of, I couldn’t believe it. In fact, my brain snapped when I got the news. The directors called me and the producers were on the line.”

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“They called me under the pretext, or they made me upload to a Zoom link under the pretext that I was doing a final test, that this was just another step in the process. It was the middle of the day, and I was watching Crazy, and they said , ‘Get on the phone real quick; this could be a final test or some news or something.’ So I get on and I only see our two directors, Adil [El Arbi] and Bilall [Fallah], they are so sweet. They said, ‘Yeah, we just want to do this final test,’ but at the bottom I can see there are eight contestants, and it’s recording, and I’m like, ‘Okay, I don’t know what this is.’ And then they told me like, ‘We just want you to read this text; We will send it to your email. ‘ And I open it up and it says, ‘I’m Batgirl, I love Adil,’ and my brain snapped. “

Barbara Gordon first appeared in Detective comics# 359 and is the youngest daughter of Commissioner Gordon, who also works as a director of the Gotham Public Library as a masked vigilante. I mean, who in Gotham doesn’t do that at some point. Since her debut in 1967 in comic form, the character has been portrayed by many actresses in many ways, including Yvonne Craig as the first iteration in the 1960s television series, through Dina Meyer in Birds of prey, Jete Laurence in Gotham, Savannah Welch at Titans, while the Batgirl character was also portrayed on screen by Alicia Silverstone in Batman and robin, though not Barbara Gordon.

Grace mocked her role in an interview with Entertainment tonight, discussing exactly what he loves to bring the character to life. “This is just my second role, but I’m learning from my colleagues and other friends of mine that you put a little bit of yourself into each character,” Grace said.

“And just in the little research that I’ve been doing before pre-production, I’ve learned a lot about Barbara that is very much in line with me. She is someone who has been underestimated even by her own father and the youngest child, sometimes you are cut off from all the difficult things in life and she is so eager to prove to herself and everyone else that there are some things she can handle. So this trip will definitely show me a lot of that. I feel like I’m on a never-ending journey to Testing myself what barriers I can break, what limits I can break on my own and I’m excited to put a little bit of that enthusiasm and drive and, like, almost a little stubbornness into Barbara’s character. ” Currently, the movie is expected to shoot sometime next year for a likely release in 2023.

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