The consensus has been installed in society: caring for the planet is vital after decades of an unsustainable economic model. Climate change is an emergency call for us to change our development model and, in this sense, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) constitute a “pact between generations”. Only a more sustainable approach has a future.

Water, source of life, plays a central role in the change of model. Agbar, a group with more than 150 years of history, offers innovative solutions for sustainable water management, in agriculture, industry and cities. The SDGs and the 2030 Agenda configure the company’s roadmap, which has sustainability in its DNA. The pandemic has underscored the important link between water and public health, further highlighting the importance of SDG number 6: ensuring universal access to water and sanitation, but water is a cross-cutting element in achieving all the SDGs.


Population growth and global warming make water increasingly a good more demanded. The World Resources Institute (WRI) predicts that in 2030 the world population will need 2,680 cubic kilometers of water beyond the possibilities of the planet. In this context, Spain is one of the countries of the European Union with increased water stress. Specifically, seven of the ten basins with the greatest water stress in Europe are in our country. Therefore, Agbar commitment to sustainable reuse of treated water to alleviate the pressure that different uses exert on water ecosystems and on the ecological status of rivers, aquifers and coastal ecosystems. It is also committed to an intelligent management of infrastructures to avoid leaks and thus contribute to the optimization of the management of available resources.

On the other hand, the company is firmly committed to SDG number 13, which calls for urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects. In 2020, the group has reduced by 95%, thanks to the purchase of green energy, the production of renewable energy and energy efficiency. A singular example is Emasagra, a company owned by the group that manages water in Granada, which has become the first 100% carbon-neutral Spanish company in the management of the integral water cycle.

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The protection of terrestrial ecosystems and their biodiversity, which concerns the SDG number 15, is another fundamental commitment for Agbar, which is turning its facilities into multifunctional spaces that preserve ecological functions, favor local biodiversity and the environmental services they provide us. Likewise, the elimination of phytosanitary and pesticides At its facilities, it encourages a change in the model in the management of green areas and contributes to preserving the richness of flora and fauna.

Achieving a more sustainable world requires add all possible energies and efforts. For this reason, Agbar is a champion of public-private collaboration, together with citizens, as indicated in SDG number 17: alliances are the only possible way to make the SDGs come true.

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