Sylvester Stallone is back in action as Barney Ross in new video stills and images from the set of The Expendables 4. As previously reported, the next sequel has officially started filming this month. On his Instagram account, Stallone posted a video clip of himself in character on a motorcycle with a smoking cigar hanging from his mouth. He also included a handful of new behind-the-scenes photos that you can check out in the post below.

An image shows us another look at Sylvester Stallone like Barney Ross on his bike, ready to rejoin the gang. Stallone and his co-star Jason Statham can be seen in his Expendable Supply Items gear in another image, and we can see that the two are reviewing the script in preparation for a scene together. We can see a smiling Dolph Lundgren alongside Stallone in a third photo, marking another reunion between the two actors before the release of Rocky vs. Dragon: The Director’s Definitive Cut.

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Previously, Stallone had shared a picture of himself with Statham to reveal a good look at the two returning actors dressed in their full suits. Megan Fox, who joins the franchise on The Expendables 4, also teased the first look at her character on her own Instagram account. Because Sly Stallone has enjoyed sharing these types of updates on social media, we are bound to get more sneak peeks on the next movie as production continues to progress.

Scott Waugh will serve as director at The Expendables 4, which Stallone has referred to as Christmas story, which suggests that Jason Statham’s character will take on the central role. Spenser Cohen, Max Adams and John Joseph Connolly wrote the script. Only a handful of returning stars from the series have been confirmed, including Sylvester Stallone (Barney Ross), Jason Statham (Lee Christmas), Dolph lundgren (Gunner Jensen) and Randy Couture (Turnpike). Megan Fox joins the series with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Tony Jaa, and Andy Garcia.

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Jason Statham is producing alongside Millennium’s Kevin King Templeton and Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner, Jeffrey Greenstein and Jonathan Yunger. Millennium’s executive producers are Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson and Trevor Short along with Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman for Campbell Grobman Films. Abby Mills is the co-producer and Eda Kowan and Jonah Leach will oversee the project for Lionsgate.

“It’s so much fun bringing these stars together for an unrestricted action movie,” Jason Constantine, president of acquisitions and co-productions for the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, said in a statement when the project was officially announced. “The new movie will raise the stakes and be the biggest and most brutal adventure yet.” Millennium President Jeffrey Greenstein added that “popcorn entertainment is guaranteed” with newcomers from the cast there to “keep it fresh and fun.”

Maybe we’ll see other fan favorites return, as it seems likely Stallone is in store for some surprises. A release date for The Expendables 4 but it is good news to see that the cameras are finally recording the project. More updates are likely to come soon.

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