Corey Feldman reveals his iconic dance moves while teasing his debut with a hologram

Earlier this month, we got the news that actor and musician Corey Feldman was hard at work creating his own hologram. Of himself. The idea is immediately intriguing, but it left us hanging on what this Duchamp-ogram was to be used for, or more aptly named Bobby Keller-gram. Today she shared another (dance) step in the process of delivering the Feldmanogram to the world. That is my favorite!

Corey feldman She took to Instagram to share her dance moves she needed to make this Feldmanogram (It comes out of her tongue) to come true. Your caption is an article in itself, complete with a title. I’ll put it right here. “EXCLUSIVE NEWS DROP-HOLOGRAM COREY CAN DANCE!”

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“Super exciting BEHIND THE SCENES EXCLUSIVE Images from #HOLOGRAMCOREY Green screen motion capture with 45 cameras recording all simultaneously. Very often, people ask ‘Do you still get it? “Can you still dance? DOES IT TURN AT FULL SPEED LIKE OLD DAYS?” Well here’s my answer … after a 3-year hiatus from dancing due to 2 I got # COVID19 twice, and it consumed me Creating and releasing my documentary film, and all the madness that followed, I lost my dancing spirit. So when we decided 2 CRE8 this #HOLOGRAMCOREY, they asked me if I could do some moves. So I accepted the challenge and dusted myself off from “Dancing Feet” and this is a brief glimpse of what it looked like, I admit I’m a bit rusty, but this was an impromptu dance on the spot with only 1 rehearsal and 2 takes. complete “.

Continue explaining your process. “I got 2 choreographed a new dance by combining some of the original moves from the movie # DREAMALITTLEDREAM2 where the song #FEELINGFUNKY 1st appeared, while mixing some new and contemporary dance moves. I created the #NUMIX version of the song!”

We finally get an answer to our question. A little off topic, I know it’s your creation, and you have every right to call it what you want, but Feldmanogram is the clear choice over HOLOGRAMCOREY. I wish they copied me on that email when they were arguing. Let’s go back to our answer!

“Now the BIG question that remains … what is all 4? Well I’ll give you a big hint, #HOLOGRAMCOREY may appear around the release of my next LOVE LEFT 2.1 Box set, but that’s all I can say! 4 now ….. aside from the #FACT that the #BOXSET B will be released this year and only on 4 holidays! “

That? That doesn’t answer the question! What do you mean by appearing? What vacation? Are we going to be able to have a dancing Feldmanogram projected onto the side of our house like those Star Shower Motion laser lights? Don’t tease me, Corey. I would like Griswold to come out of my house with Feldmanograms dancing. But it lets us know that it will keep us posted, thank goodness.

“So #STAYTUNED as I will bring you many more #EXCLUSIVEDrops, from this exciting project. So check out 4 things like, SNEEK Previews of The Art, unpublished photos, #NEWMUSIC, #NFTS, #CONTESTS 1st looks @ todo List of Exclusive content that will be included in my first #BOXSET, including my first all-new studio album in almost 7 years. PLUS an actual release D8 4 # LOVELEFT2_1 and even a #PRESALE announcement! So many exciting things 2 Look ahead 2. “

Mr. Feldman, keep us posted!

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