‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Was Treated As The End Of A Franchise Taunts Tom Holland

We’re only three weeks away from Marvel’s Eternaltheatrical release, but the press tour for the next MCU Spider-Man: No Way Home is directing eyes even more towards that release on the aforementioned title. Tom Holland recently sat down with Entertainment Weeklyand talked about his future in the MCU (or MCM, Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, as some fans refer to him after the events of Loki). Holland, who is known for his inability to keep a secret regarding past movies, was very candid and mostly spoiler-free in the interview.

“We’ve been making these movies for five years. We’ve had an amazing relationship, the three of us. We’ve been together every step of the way. We’ve done every movie, every press tour. This scene, [we didn’t know] if this was the last time [we were all working together.] [It] it was heartbreaking but also really exciting because we are all moving into the next chapter of our careers. So sharing that moment with them was perhaps the best day I’ve ever had on set. I don’t think I’ve ever cried like this. “

“We were all trying [No Way Home] like the end of a franchise, let’s say, “Holland continued.” I think if we were lucky enough to dive into these characters again, you would see a very different version. It would no longer be the Homecoming trilogy. We would give it some time and try to build something different and change the tone of the movies. Whether that happens or not, I don’t know. But we were definitely trying [ No Way Home] like it was coming to an end, and it felt like that. “

Tom holland jumped into the hearts of fans when he first dressed as the wall climber in Captain America: Civil War. Whether you prefer Tobey or Andrew more (both are rumored to be in No way home) there’s no denying the charm and charisma that Tom has brought to the screen by playing his portrayal of Peter Parker. ‘Underroos’ has come a long way since we met him and I think I speak for most, although certainly not all, when I say as fans that we would like to see him remain in the multiverse. Holland said in the previous interview, however, as actors, he and his co-stars are moving into the next phase of their careers.

It is also possible that it is not so much about “wanting” to be in the role as about “being able”. It’s no secret that Marvel and Sony are becoming friends when it comes to Spidey’s rights, as the two entities have had to amend the license agreements while simultaneously trying to amend the barriers. The two studios were able to access a couple more movies, which has taken us so far in stating that ‘it’s for the fans’ (which translates to ‘it’s about the money’), but however they rationalize it, the fans they are generally happy to have gotten to this point. For now, we will have to search Spider-Man: No Way Homelike the last Hollands outing, but who knows what will happen when the cash starts rolling in. No way homein theaters December 17. This news originated in Weekly entertainment.


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