Taika Waititi Wants ‘Squid Game’ Fans To Ditch The Dubbing: ‘You Don’t Have To Watch In English’

Squid has become yet another example of the powerhouse of the Korean entertainment industry, becoming the number one streaming streaming series preferred by Netflix subscribers around the world while also embedding itself in social media memes, discussions and more, until you can’t log in without seeing it. mentioned. However, being of foreign origin, the series has obviously brought with it the secular debate of whether said show should be seen in the native language with subtitles, or in the dubbed audio version that Netflix has offered by default. Someone who has a definitive opinion on the matter is Thor: love and thunder director Taika waititi, who commented on the matter in a Twitter post.

Like millions of regular viewers, Waititi is a fan of the Asian phenomenon, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, and it’s a bit like watching Takeshi Castle written by Stephen King in The running Man mode. The series centers on a group of unlucky “players” who are forced to sign up to play a series of simple-looking games with the chance to win a big cash prize if they win. However, anyone who does not follow the instructions of the game or does not complete the games in a set time, will be eliminated from the game and from life. Having made his debut three weeks ago, Squid is already online to become the most viewed series on the platform.

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However, while many choose to watch the series with the default English-dubbed soundtrack, Waititi believes that the only way to truly enjoy the series is to ditch the dubbing in favor of the original Korean track. By posting on his Twitter account, the director noted that he personally “loves the sound of Korean movies.”

“You don’t have to look Squid dubbed in English, “he said, before replying to another user defending the English version,” This is a very fair point. You absolutely can! I PERSONALLY love the sound of Korean movies and was surprised when Netflix featured it in English as the first choice. “

It seems that this old debate is never going to find a unanimous resolution one way or another, since while many feel that the dubbed audio takes away something from the actor’s performance, the sometimes dubious legends of the dialogue mean that aspects of the The program still gets lost in translation, and of course there are some people who just can’t keep reading a line of text while trying to assimilate what is happening on the screen. The dubbed audio has been created by a talented group of actors chosen by Netflix to bring as authentic a sound as possible to the English dub, including Star Wars: Visions star Greg Chun, Paul Nakauchi and Mortal Kombatit’s Tom Choi.

Regardless of how audiences choose to enjoy the series and its possible follow-up, there is a clear sign that if a series presents an intriguing and well-structured story, then regardless of where it originates, a large audience around the world can enjoy it. world without first being remade with a major Hollywood production. The first season of Squid is now available on Netflix.

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