Top 10 STAR TREK Episodes: Part 1

Star trek It gives as much as it takes these days. For each Khan’s Wrath, there’s a Final frontier. For each Deep space nine, there’s a Star Trek: Picard (and Discovery, and Lower covers and damn you Kurtzman!). Here at Last Movie Outpost, we love each other a little. Star trek.

Classic Trek, yes. Complete trek. Inspiring Trek with personable characters who are clearly a competent and capable team rather than needy Millennials on a Feels Trek.

So, with this in mind, Fuloydo joins his old friend Drunken Yoda for a ridiculously long discussion about the 10 best episodes of The original series. Nothing of that Next Generation things or Discovery-level shit.

With William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, arriving in space today in Jeff Bezo’s Schwantz rocket, this seemed like the perfect time to do this. So Enjoy!

The series that started it all. Countless spin-offs, movies, comics, cartoons, novels, conventions, and cosplay started with this. It debuted in the United States on September 8, 1966 and aired for three seasons on NBC. It actually aired for the first time in Canada on September 6.

Created by Gene Roddenberry and inspired by the Horatio Hornblower novel series by CS Forester, Jonathan Swift‘s 1726 novel gulliver’s travels, the 1956 film Forbidden planetand television westerns like Train wagon, hesitated on television at the time.

It wandered the television wilderness for many years, yet it was kept alive thanks to constant well-received reruns. The desire to take a ride in the Star Wars The car meant that Paramount turned to its pre-existing sci-fi franchise and a legend was reborn.

Come with us now as we follow the voyages of the USS Spaceship Company, a space exploration ship built by the United Federation of Planets in the 23rd century, with a mission:

“… to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Sounds below. Agree, disagree, do not rate Star Trek: The original series but it’s all about him Next Generation? Tell us everything.

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