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2018 movie Empower it’s a dark horse from a movie. It hasn’t been seen by a large number, but those who have seen it know how cool it is. A movie that manages to be techno-thriller, butt kicker and throwback at the same time. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth looking it up on Netflix and checking it out.

The man behind this is filmmaker Leigh Whannell, who also got good notices for his recent adaptation of The invisible man for Blumhouse. Last May, producer Jason Blum announced that he was working on a television series derived from Empower, stating that the 2018 film deserves more attention for its genius.

Talking with Collider while advertising Halloween deaths, spoke about the program and the progress they are making:

“The update should have been a broad version. I was angry about it. We are working on a television show. So working on the scripts. This first round, it did not come out. I did not get the answer I wanted to get. I don’t want to be in development. I want an order We are working on the scripts again to get an order. And I don’t want to develop it. “

Logan Marshall-Green was the protagonist of the original. Paralyzed in an attack that kills his wife, he is offered an experimental spinal surgery that includes advanced technology implanted within him. The technology includes an artificial intelligence that is sensitive and helps control your body as it carries out a bloody revenge against those who took everything from you.

On The Sunday Times the review said:

“… this is a satire that sometimes comes dangerously close to reality.”

Meanwhile, Emily Yoshida, writing for New York magazine blog Vulture, said:

“A big dirty sci-fi goofball, the kind they don’t really make anymore, the kind that would make Carpenter and Cameron proud.”

the Empower The series will resume several years after the events of the film with the AI ​​evolving and having a new host.

Whannell would serve as an executive producer with Blum. Tim Walsh (Shooter) will be the showrunner.

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