For starters, I love the original. Hallowe’en movie, the second was good, the third was crazy, but visible. The rest of them have merged in my head like a big “Michael Myers kills everyone” thing, I’m not sure I’ve seen Rob Zombie’s, if I’ve seen them I don’t remember them at all. I know it’s cliche to say it, but I love the original and I don’t like any of the following movies. So here is my review of Halloween deaths.

I’ve seen Halloween 2018I couldn’t tell you much about it, I laughed at a murder in a public bathroom and there was a fire at the end … that’s all the movie was for me. I know some say it was one of the best versions, but I didn’t rate it.

Walk into Halloween deaths, my expectations were low. It’s the same cast and crew as the last one, so I’m not going to bother with those details.

Overall the movie was better than expected. It’s a well-made movie and the cast is good. Some of the photographs were great and the murders work well, however the overall writing and backbone of the film let him down.

I’m not going to get too into spoiler territory to say that the story takes place right after the fire, Laurie and her family are heading to the hospital, and the fire department is on their way to the house. Laurie is screaming to let it burn.

* Spoilers from here on *

This was my first disappointment. I always had the impression that Michael was just a masked killer, but not anymore. He is now something of a superhuman, as he can not only survive the heat of a house fire with his fire retardant rubber mask and not be affected by the fumes of the smoke. In one of the previous movies, they may have explained that it is now ‘super’, but this took the edge off for me.

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Now that the new trilogy has explained that he is superhuman, it scares him more, as he cannot seem to be killed. But does it also mean that now it’s going to go on forever? This is the twelfth Halloween movie, another is on the way … and as long as there are die-hard fans, it won’t stop!

Anyway, as firefighters tackle the blaze, Michael kills one of them and then leaves the house. Lol’d! This scene was pretty stupid, but when one of the firefighters turned on a rotary cutter, it felt good! What follows is Michael taking out the firefighters one at a time. It was hilariously stupid.


Then we go to a bar, where Tommy, one of the survivors from one of the other movies, tells everyone how bad Michael is. The rest of the movie follows Tommy as he makes people form mobs to kill Michael … Evil dies tonight! Basically you drive and chat with random people. Again lol’d when he’s talking to a group of strangers and he says something like:

“We are going to kill Michael Myers. We are going to surprise you. If it comes one way, BAM! We appear elsewhere! “

The script for this movie was painful to listen to at times. I was worried that it was Danny McBride and, like I said, my expectations were low, but I didn’t think they would get as bad as some of them.

There is a mob justice theme throughout the entire movie, mostly directed by Tommy. There is a whole moment where they think they have Michael cornered and lead a mob to kill him, only to find out that he is not Michael and an innocent person dies. This whole scene was supposed to show how misinformation can cost lives, but it’s done in such an obvious way that I just laughed again and rolled my eyes. We know misinformation is bad, most of us have Facebook accounts.

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The expression “Evil dies tonight!” it is heard A LOT throughout the movie. I got the impression that the script needed 2000 words and they only had 1800 words so they finished the last few pages just by copying and pasting ‘Evil dies tonight’ to increase the word count.

Some of the kills are pretty decent, but they are a mixed bag. Some are good, some are not. In fact, I’ve seen better murders in a 70s zombie movie with Tom Savini doing makeup.

Michael comes out of the fire and enters a house across the street. He kills the couple there, but I didn’t quite understand why he took the time to repeatedly stab the husband and let the wife bleed out.

Speaking of the murders, I also didn’t understand why he would go back to some of the murders and then rearrange the bodies. Was there no reason to do this, unless you are really interested in Feng Shui or doing it to create a good setup for when other people find the bodies?


The cast on this was pretty good, but I felt like Jamie Lee-Curtis was left out. For the first act, she is asleep in a bed, the second act not long ago and then, in the third act, she gives an empowerment speech. They spent so much time reminding you about the other cast members from the past, I thought she would have had more to do.

The ending of Halloween Kills was silly. Obviously this movie is the middle section of a trilogy and then it becomes a ‘Michael is going to die’ moment. However, you know that Michael is now unkillable, so you know there is no real sense of threat. When Michael gets up and starts killing everyone, I rejoice again at how dumb he was.

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* End of spoilers *

As I said, the Halloween deaths it’s well done, but all they do is pull the strings of nostalgia and remember the original movies… well, not the third or Rob Zombies movies. I felt that because they were so focused on nostalgia and murder, they just didn’t focus on much else. The script in places was ridiculous and the constant cry of ‘Evil dies tonight’ just got annoying.

Since I remember very little about the last one (or most of them from the third one), I really didn’t have much interest in the characters. Everyone seemed to be running trying to kill Michael. I’m probably not the best person to review the movie period, I’m not a fan of lengthy sequels, and these new movies don’t offer anything new to watch. I predicted this new movie would be straightforward and Michael runs around killing people and survives in the end. I was right. Halloween deaths, literally. There’s a comment on mob justice, but it’s obvious and shoehorn.

There’s nothing new, nothing surprising, it’s just another Hallowe’en movie, in a long list of other Hallowe’en films.

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